Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Secret to Friendship is Cross-dressing!

Happy April Fools Day! Starting off the month, we have our customary release of Himegoto with chapter 23 from the latest Comic Rex. The next Himegoto will be from Febri in about three weeks. Coming up next, we finally get back to Kakukaku Shikajika.

Himegoto (Rex) ch. 23: Mediafire, Dropbox

Friday, March 27, 2015

In It to Win It!

After taking a month off from this series, Stop!! Hibari-kun! is back with chapters 36 and 37 at the start of the third and final volume. Over the course of the next month, we'll be working on this and the fifth and final volume of Kakukaku Shikajika, which was just released a few days ago, and as you may have heard, just won the eighth Manga Taisho award! We are ecstatic that Kakukaku Shikajika is getting some of the recognition it deserves, even if it is still unlikely it would ever get an anime (though live action drama/movie is still a possibility). So please look forward to all that Hibari-kun and Kakukaku have left to offer. Also, Comic Rex just came out, so there will be another Himegoto chapter soon.

And also, this is a somewhat timely release, since we wanted to get it out before Hisashi Eguchi's 59th birthday on March 29, so Happy Birthday to Hisashi Eguchi and thank you for creating Stop!! Hibari-kun!!

Stop!! Hibari-kun! ch. 36: Mediafire, Dropbox
Stop!! Hibari-kun! ch. 37: Mediafire, Dropbox

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Magic of Sweets is Everlasting!

Finally, after working on this series since mid 2013, Sweet Magic Syndrome comes to an end with chapters 36, 37 and 38. This has been a long time coming after the extensive breaks between when the volumes were released, but we're glad that we were able to see the series all the way to the end. Whether you're going to be satisfied with the ending is another matter, though, since it appears the series either got axed, or Cuteg simply wanted to stop working on it, but for what it's worth, the series ends where it ends. A humorous 2-page bonus manga about Cuteg is also included, as well as an afterword.

It may not seem like it if you've never been involved with scanlating, but 4-koma are surprisingly time consuming to work on, which could be one reason why no one picked up SMS even close to a year after the first volume was released (that was September 2012, and we didn't start working on it until July 2013), or why even a series like Koufuku Graffiti still hasn't been picked up despite it getting an anime and being around for about as long as SMS (and no, we do not plan on picking up Koufuku Graffiti).

In the end, we had fun working on both of Cuteg's two original works, SMS and Zenryoku Otome, and we hope to see more from her in the future if she decides to do another original manga. So please enjoy the end of this cute little series as we finish our second series of 2015.

Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 36: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 37: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 38: Mediafire, Dropbox

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Magic Happens When You Least Expect It!

It may have taken a week, but here's the second Sweet Magic Syndrome batch with chapters 32 through 35, which leaves 3 chapters left in the series. Part of the reason for the delay was due to some computer issues earlier last week, which for the most part have been resolved now, so hopefully, it won't be long before we're done with this series.

Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 32: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 33: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 34: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 35: Mediafire, Dropbox

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Magic is the Sweetest Spice There is!

Finally, after nearly a year-long wait, we are nearing the end of Sweet Magic Syndrome with the start of the third and final volume. And not only is this the start of the volume, but also roughly the halfway point since we are releasing chapters 26 through 31 together. So please enjoy these chapters as well as the rest of what this cute little series still has to offer.

Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 26: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 27: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 28: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 29: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 30: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 31: Mediafire, Dropbox