Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cold Snow Melts With the Sun's Hot Beams!

After over four months of waiting, Bokura no Hentai returns with chapter 30 at the start of volume 8. It's almost been three years since we've been working on this series, and we're thankful that it has remained a solid series that has only continued to get better over time.

In related new, Fumi recently tweeted that the ninth volume will be out in November along with the second and last volume of Sakura no Sono (which will have its last chapter released in about a week).

Bokura no Hentai ch. 30: Mediafire, Dropbox

Sunday, July 26, 2015

To Live in the Garden is to Love in the Garden!

With the release of Sakura no Sono chapters 9, 10 and 11, volume 1 comes to an end. There are almost enough chapters released for volume 2, which you can see at Champion Tap's website, so volume 2 should probably be out by September or October. And volume 2 may also be the end of the series, but we won't know for sure for a little while.

And now that Sakura no Sono's first volume is done, our next release will be the start of Bokura no Hentai volume 8. Also, the third chapter of Yuri na Watashi to Akuma na Kanojo comes out in a few days, so we'll be working on that later this week. We'll also have Himegoto's sixth and final volume soon, as well as Full Dozer volume 2.

In other news, you may have already seen that Akiko Higashimura is finally resuming Kuragehime in Kiss, but unfortunately it is now on a bimonthly schedule. What this means is that the 16th volume probably won't be out until December or January at the earliest, so there's still quite a while until we work on it. Speaking of hiatuses, Shounen Oujo has gone on a three month hiatus (ch. 25 was released this month, and the website says the next chapter won't be out until October), so even though we were hoping to work on volume 4 as early as September, they might wait until November or December to release it. And regarding our third hiatus-stricken series, Boy Skirt, it hasn't appeared in Miracle Jump since April, so whenever volume 1 comes out is anyone's guess at this point.

Sakura no Sono ch. 9: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 10: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 11: Mediafire, Dropbox

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Garden is What You Make of It!

Since these chapters go by so quickly, we thought we might as well release more of them together, so here are chapters 5 through 8 of Sakura no Sono, which leaves three more chapters left in volume 1.

Sakura no Sono ch. 5: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 6: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 7: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 8: Mediafire, Dropbox

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Perks of Garden Life!

And now here are chapters 3 and 4 of Sakura no Sono. A small change in these two chapters compared to the last two was a change in Youko's name to Yoko, and v2's of chapters 1 and 2 have been uploaded to reflect this. It's not that big a deal, but we still thought we should do it for consistency.

Sakura no Sono ch. 3: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 4: Mediafire, Dropbox

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Every Garden Has Its Flowers!

While waiting for Bokura no Hentai volume 8 to arrive, we decided to pick up a small series by the same author: Sakura no Sono. By all appearances, Sakura and her friends are normal, albeit sheltered junior high school girls who enjoy talking about love and walking home from school together. However, they also happen to inhabit a strange and supernatural world populated by mysterious, gigantic beings and unusual plant and animal life. Amid their peaceful lives, Sakura becomes very interested in something only alluded to exist in an old book: dicks.

We've finished this first 2 of 11 chapters in the first volume, and as you can imagine, the chapters are pretty short. Currently, only the first volume is out, but volume 2 should be released relatively soon, so that's kind of the reason why we're doing this now. So if you're looking for a quick read with cute art and funny dialogue, please check it out and see what you think.

Sakura no Sono ch. 1 (v2): Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 2 (v2): Mediafire, Dropbox

Edit: The last page of ch. 2 has been altered, and the links above have been updated. If you just need the new page, get it here.

Edit 2: A second version of the chapters has been uploaded to reflect a name change of Youko to Yoko.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cross-dressing: The One Addiction That's Good for You!

So, after working on this for the past few days, we're finally ready to re-release the first five volumes of Himegoto with all of the extra content within them. Aside from the outer and inner covers being the most obvious additions, there is an additional page included at the end of nearly every chapter showing a small illustration related to the chapter. For instance, for chapter 10 of the Waai edition at the beginning of volume 2, this page is added at the end:

Most of them are pretty funny, or add a few details not mentioned in the chapter itself. There are also alternative versions of the volume covers which are shown when the volume transitions from one serialization to another; unfortunately, they are in black and white. For instance, when volume 2 transitions from the Waai serialization to the Himegoto+ series, this page is shown:

Finally, volumes 2 and 5 feature some character profiles. The volume 2 version is pretty bare-boned, and contains some censorship from the author on some of the names because she wasn't ready to reveal them at the time, but there are some very interesting character details never revealed in the series itself. The volume 5 profiles in comparison are much more detailed and offer the full names of the 9 characters. Volume 2 is also the only volume to contain a short afterword manga, but every volume has a thank you page at the end featuring character sketches. So with that, we await the release of volume 6 in about 10 days so we can finally complete this series. Also, as a side-note, Hime's birthday is in a week (July 24).

Himegoto vol. 1: Mediafire, Mega
Himegoto vol. 2: Mediafire, Mega
Himegoto vol. 3: Mediafire, Mega
Himegoto vol. 4: Mediafire, Mega
Himegoto vol. 5: Mediafire, Mega

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Love is the Perfect Cure for Cold!

Coming to the end of Mizutama Honey Boy volume 2, the second one-shot is Fuyuzora ni Hibiku (Resonating Under the Winter Sky). High school student Gaku Hasegawa becomes interested in a girl his age who frequents the convenience store where he works. However, the only things he knows about her are what she buys and that she speaks very softly.

So we're finally caught up with the volumes for this series. Volume 3 is slated to come out in the fall, so it'll probably be out in September. In the meantime, Bokura no Hentai volume 8 comes out tomorrow, and we will start work on it as soon as it arrives. Also, Full Dozer's second volume comes out in a couple of weeks, so we'll be working on that again soon, too. But for now, we will now finally begin dealing with the extra content from Himegoto's volumes and recompiling the chapters into volume batches so we can complete it hopefully around when Tsukudani's next series starts.

Fuyuzora ni Hibiku one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox

Friday, July 10, 2015

You Always Remember Your First!

We have a special announcement today. We have decided to pick up the series Yuri na Watashi to Akuma na Kanojo (?) (I'm a Lesbian and She (?) is a Demon) by Jin Mokoyama. You may have already seen that the first chapter was released by Psylocke Scans a couple days ago, but after they said they would only be doing chapter 1, we contacted them and got their permission to take over the series for them, so we'll be doing it from now on. Also of note is that we are doing something slightly different this time, in that we are going to be working from raws posted on Comic Walker on a monthly basis. As of now, chapter 2 is the latest chapter, with new chapters posted at the end of each month.

The story follows Yashiro Nonoyama, who as a child developed an intense fear of men due to boys constantly bullying her. Now in high school, she dreams of being reunited with her first love: a girl who protected her one day from her bullies. Yashiro is in disbelief when a transfer student named Mikoto Saionji arrives who looks a lot like her first love, but she later discovers that Mikoto is actually a guy, and that he was her first love. Yashiro learns that Mikoto is rapidly turning into a girl, and the only way to counteract this change is for them to passionately make out with each other every day.

Yuri na Watashi ch. 1: Mediafire, Dropbox
Yuri na Watashi ch. 2: Mediafire, Dropbox

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Brother is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

For the first one-shot from Mizutama Honey Boy volume 2, we have Yoroshiku Brother?, which was Junko Ike's debut work. When 15-year-old Hiro Mayumi's mom remarries, he soon discovers that is he is now a big brother to 5-year-old Yuuki. When Hiro's mom and stepdad go to Hawaii on their honeymoon for a week, Hiro must now take care of Yuuki and cope with his new family situation.

Yoroshiku Brother? one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Honey Will Lead the Way!

And...we're back, with chapter 7.5 of Mizutama Honey Boy. Since this was the last Mizutama chapter in the volume, the next chapter in the series won't be out until volume 3 is released, which is probably going to be in September (we think). Meanwhile, there are two one-shots left to do in this volume, and we'll be getting to those next to complete volume 2.

Now onto the big news over the weekend: Kuragehime got licensed by Kodansha USA and is also getting a digital release on Crunchyroll. However, the print release (for now) is only for the first 12 volumes, and since the first 2-in-1 omnibus isn't going to be out until February, it's very likely that Kuragehime will be finished by the time they publish up to volume 12. Those who have been reading Kuragehime can probably tell that the series is nearing its end, and assuming it comes back from its hiatus later this year, it could wrap up as soon as about this time next year (assuming it doesn't go back on hiatus after volume 16 is released).

Either way, Crunchyroll will probably be publishing the chapters as they're released once it comes off its hiatus, but at this point, given that we've been working on it since we started this scan group almost 5 years ago, we want to see it to its end, especially since there will probably be only a few more volumes at most left in the series. And besides, if Kodansha USA doesn't license the rest of the volumes for print release, that leaves everyone hanging who doesn't read manga on Crunchyroll, which would be a crying shame. That said, we do fully support Kodansha USA's print release, and if it's at all possible, we implore anyone who wishes to support the series and Akiko Higashimura to buy the print release when it comes out. If you have any questions regarding the future of Kuragehime, we'll be happy to answer them.

Mizutama Honey Boy ch. 7.5: Mediafire, Dropbox

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Cross-dressing Farewell!

It is with heavy hearts that today we have come to the last chapter of Himegoto with chapter 28 from the latest Comic Rex. In total, this brings the number of Himegoto chapters across four serializations to 60 chapters which ran for about 3 and a half years since late 2011. For a series originally released as a 4-koma in a niche quarterly magazine dedicated to traps, it is remarkable that Himegoto not only outlived Waai and Waai Mahalo, but also had a decent run in Comic Rex, and even Febri. A big shoutout also goes to NJMANGA of Deus Ex Scans for providing all of our Himegoto raws to date.

Seeing Norio Tsukudani's growth over the course of this series has been amazing, both thematically and stylistically, eventually developing it into a six volume series with memorable characters and beautiful art. Speaking of which, we are going to recompile the series with the volume extras hopefully starting this month, so that eventually there will be six volume batch downloads containing everything. So this may be the end in terms of the last chapter, but there is at least some more Himegoto material still to come. In the meantime, Tsukudani is still working on her next series, which could begin as early as August, but we'll have to wait and see.

Upcoming later this month, Bokura no Hentai volume 8 comes out in a couple weeks, and then Full Dozer volume 2 comes out at the end of the month. Next month will probably be when Boy Skirt's first volume finally appears, but we're not really sure, and we don't know why it's taking so long, either.

And now for a heads up. This will be our last release for about a week, so don't expect the next Mizutama Honey Boy chapter until around this time next week. So we'll see you then, and we hope you enjoy the end of Himegoto.

Himegoto (Rex) ch. 28: Mediafire, Dropbox