Monday, January 30, 2012

Trap Battle!

Here's the sixth one-shot of Kokuhaku from the tenth Josou Shounen volume Satsuma Group. This series should just get a regular serialization already. Are you listening, Ichijinsha?

In related news, here are the one-shots that got continuations in the 11th Josou Shounen volume Grape Group: Zenryoku "Otome" (ch. 3), Restaurant Debut/Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte (ch. 4), and the usual Josou Debut (ch. 6). Here's to hoping we see more of Kokuhaku in future volumes.

We'll probably release the covers from the Josou Shounen volumes some day. The thought has come up before, it's just never been a priority.

Kokuhaku one-shot 6: Mediafire

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time Flies When You're Cross-dressing

Here's chapter 36 of Usotsuki Lily. Nothing much to say other than we'll be doing Kokuhaku 6 next and then back to more Uso-Lily. Next time, we should know what's in the latest Josou Shounen volume, Grape Group, which came out yesterday. The cover for Grape Group is really cute, too:

And it looks like Reversible will be released soon, judging by the progress on the cleaning/typesetting, just in time for the next Waai issue next month.

Edit: Typos fixed.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 36: Mediafire (v3)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cross-dressing 4-koma 4-you!

Okay, after a long, drawn out week of work, chapter 35 of Usotsuki Lily is done at the start of volume 6. This chapter is the all 4-koma chapter mentioned in the volume 6 preview at the end of volume 5, and it had a lot of text, so naturally it took a while to translate. Couple that with the start of a new volume, and of course it'd take a while, but on top of that there were some things in the past week which slowed it down even more, so here are we are now. 4-koma's really aren't all that bad as long as they're a reasonable length, but this one was ridiculous (for a 4-koma). Anyway, enjoy the start of a new volume.

Also, there is something else that should be mentioned. At the end of this chapter, we were surprised to find a fully-black page where the regular Whatever Lily bonus page usually is. Based on how the final page of this chapter ends, we think that this was intentional, and thus is kept as it appears in the volume.

And of course as you probably already know, Megaupload went down last week, so all the Megaupload links don't work, but that's what Mediafire's for I guess. We'll eventually get around to removing the links from the project pages, but seeing how the current state of filesharing websites is going, it looks like Mediafire is our only option, at least for now. So we're going back to only having Mediafire links like we did originally.

Edit: Thanks to the anon who pointed out the typo on page 9. We've updated the links with a v2, but for those who already downloaded and want the fixed page, here it is below:

Usotsuki Lily ch. 35: Mediafire (v2)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nono? Yesyes!

Here's a quick one-shot before we get back to our main stuff. This is Tomodachi Nanka Iranai by Reku Fuyunagi, and is a sequel to the previously released Nonono. It's a nice little chapter, and has one of the best lines I've had to translate on page 9. It was published in the latest issue of Waai (the one that came out in November) and was only released now because of all the other stuff we've been doing since then, namely the other Waai stuff, Love Allergen and Shounen Oujo.

But now we have volume 6 of Usotsuki Lily, so we'll be starting on that next. One-shots from the 10th Josou Shounen volume will be coming soon too, meaning more Kokuhaku (ch. 6), Restaurant Debut / Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte (ch. 3), Dousei Chuu! (ch. 2), Marmalade Boy (ch. 2), and of course the usual Josou Debut (ch. 5).

Also, great news, an 11th Josou Shounen volume has been announced. It's called Grape Group (Budou-gumi) and will be out later this month. We'll probably work on it a couple months later, though, so I'd say expect stuff from that volume in late March or early April. We'll announce any continuations once we find out what's in the volume.

Tomodachi Nanka Iranai one-shot: Mediafire, Megaupload

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'll Give This to You

We are proud to present the final chapter of volume 1 of Shounen Oujo, chapter 7. We can't continue with the manga until volume 2 comes out, which will probably be in June or July.

To those who asked, the next volume of Kuragehime will probably be out in February, and if so, we'll start work on it in March. And we don't intend on working on Mei no Naisho.

Edit: We may consider working from the magazine scans if we can obtain them and the quality is good. The magazine is Sylph published by ASCII Media Works.

Shounen Oujo ch. 7: Mediafire, Megaupload

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tough Love

Almost done with the first volume, here's chapter six of Shounen Oujo, the shortest one thus far. The volume's last chapter is another long one though (about 30 pages).

To those who asked, the next (and as of now last) chapter of Kokuhaku won't come out until late January at the earliest since it's in the tenth Josou Shounen volume. As for Reversible ch. 7, Maigo have been sitting on it for over a month, and there's no set release for it; their status page says it's partially cleaned.

Shounen Oujo ch. 6: Mediafire, Megaupload

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Night on the Town

Chapter 5 of Shounen Oujo is finally done, after a moderate 32 page count and three 2-page spreads. This is a very nicely done chapter, especially for Alexia's character, so enjoy.

There were a bunch of comments last time about some of our other projects. Basically, we'll likely be working on Usotsuki Lily vol. 6 and the tenth Josou Shounen volume near the end of January. There's no real set date, but it'll be soon. As of right now, Ichijinsha hasn't announced any more Josou Shounen volumes, which is a little odd, since they were putting out a new volume every 2 months or so since volume 3, and the last volume came out in November. They might just have decided to cut back and only release them in conjunction with the Waai magazine volumes, the next of which will come out in late February (so to those that asked about Himegoto and Past Future, those won't be out until March). If not, they may have scrapped the line altogether, which would be a shame, since I'd love to see more of several series. We'll be getting back to the one-shots from the older volumes we didn't do later, though while we'll do most of them eventually, there's no guarantee we'll do them all.

Shounen Oujo ch. 5: Mediafire, Megaupload

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sing Me A Song

Shounen Oujo chapter 4 is done, and this one's pretty short, but it's okay, because the next chapter is over 30 pages of trap goodness.

Shounen Oujo ch. 4: Mediafire, Megaupload

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Off With His...!

Here's chapter three of Shounen Oujo, and things are getting pretty interesting. Also, we reconsidered per the comment from last time, and now Alexia is addressed as mademoiselle, and this is the last time we're changing it (honest).

Shounen Oujo ch. 3: Mediafire, Megaupload

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sir, There's A Fairy In My Soup

Starting off 2012 with a bang, here's chapter two of Shounen Oujo. Per a comment, madam has been changed to madame with this chapter and we'll be using that spelling from now on. And Sylph, the magazine this manga is serialized in, is monthly.

Shounen Oujo ch. 2: Mediafire, Megaupload