This is a list of frequently asked questions asked of manga scan groups:

How do I contact you?
  • Email: hachimitsuscans[at]gmail[dot]com
  • IRC: #hachimitsu-scans @ irc.rizon.net
  • Twitter: @HachimitsuScans
I want to read the raws of a manga you're scanlating. Will you release them?
Hachimitsu Scans will not distribute the raws of any manga we scanlate. We are a scanlation group, not a raw provider, and we provide our own raws, unless otherwise noted. If you want to read the original, Japanese version, we recommend you buy the volumes from any of several online sellers: Amazon, YesAsia, etc.

I want to translate a manga you're scanlating into another language. Do I need your permission?
No, you do not have to get our permission to use our scans, as they are freely available for anyone to download. However, we ask that you provide credit for Hachimitsu Scans in regards to the: raw providing/scanning, cleaning, and original English translation which you base your translation on into another language. When crediting us, mention the group name and provide the URL to this blog's homepage.

There's this manga that no one is scanlating, or has been dropped by another group. Would you consider scanlating it in the future?
We welcome any and all recommendations, but it is very rare that we accept them. If there are no raws available, then we'd have to buy them, which costs money. Even if raws were available from another source, it costs time to work on another (lengthy) manga. It's hard enough working on two main projects at a time, and being able to release both on a relatively quick basis. Also, we believe that the manga we work on must be something we enjoy working on. If we don't enjoy it, then there's no incentive to release the chapters.

A manga you scanlate got licensed. Will you stop scanlating it?
Yes and no. A license shows intent on the publisher to release the manga, but there's generally a lull period between when the license is announced and when the first volume is released. Then there's the period of time between then and when they have released enough volumes to catch up to the scanlators. That is when we would generally decide to stop scanning a manga, but it would probably take up to a year or more after the announce of the license until this would happen, so it wouldn't be something sudden.