Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jellyfish Groupies!

Okay, here's the end of Kuragehime volume 11 with chapter 9 of Kuragehime Heroes, and the author's usual bonus manga afterword. It's kind of hard to believe we're already at volume 11, after working on this manga for about 2 and a half years. Sadly, this means we'll be waiting until at least October to restart Kuragehime with volume 12, which should be out in mid-September, going by the past two years. Currently, chapter 63 just got published in Kiss today, and over 2.4 million copies of the manga are in print. Hope to see you again in October.

Next up, we'll be working on Waai Mahalo in conjunction with Deus Ex Scans, including series such as Himegoto+ and Boku wa Senpai ni Josou o Shiirareteimasu, and a bunch of one-shots.

Kuragehime ch. 59.5: Mediafire, Dropbox

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Am the Jellyfish, Goo Goo G'joob!

Here we have chapter 59 of Kuragehime, the last main chapter from the volume. The chapter title comes from the Japanese title of the Beatles 1964 song and film A Hard Days Night.The bonus content from the end of the volume is to follow.

Kuragehime ch. 59: Mediafire, Dropbox

Friday, April 19, 2013

Jellyfish in a Sea of Leaves!

All right, so today we have chapter 58 of Kuragehime. The chapter title is a reference to the 1977 Japanese film Yakuza Sensou Nihon no Don (Gangster War: Japan's Don).

Kuragehime ch. 58: Mediafire, Dropbox

Monday, April 15, 2013

Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Jellyfish Bubble

Chapter 57 of Kuragehime is done, so we're more than halfway through the volume already. The chapter title is a reference to the 1961 Japanese film Kaikyou, Chi ni Somete (Strait, Dyed in Blood).

Kuragehime ch. 57: Mediafire, Dropbox

Friday, April 12, 2013

Be Careful of Poisonous Jellyfish!

Today we have chapter 56 of Kuragehime. The chapter title comes from various films produced by Troma Entertainment, the first being the 1984 film The Toxic Avenger. More jellyfish to follow.

Kuragehime ch. 56: Mediafire, Dropbox

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jellyfish Tactics!

Finally, after a 4+ month hiatus, Kuragehime is back with chapter 55 at the start of volume 11. The chapter title is a reference to the French play Le Dîner de Cons, later produced into several films including a 1998 French film, and the more recent 2010 film Dinner for Schmucks.

Kuragehime ch. 55: Mediafire, Dropbox

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Secrets!

Finally, we have the end of the latest issue of Waai with a couple short one-shots by authors we've seen before. The first is Family Complete by Kamaboko Red. Mirin Asami and his three brothers are told by their father to cross-dress, but while Mirin's brothers enjoy dressing and acting like girls, Mirin doesn't.

The second is Ore to Fuuki Iin no. by Airi Mori. Riku Kurata has to cross-dress due to family reasons, and when Riku's classmate Shunichi Ozaki realizes he's a guy, he decides to exploit it for his own enjoyment.

Our next release will be the start of Kuragehime volume 11, hopefully before the end of the week.

Edit: Don't expect Kuragehime until mid-next week.

Family Complete one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox
Ore to Fuuki Iin no. one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox