Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cross-dressing to the Very End!

After long last, today we have the bonus extras from the Seito Kaichou desu ga Josou Hajimemashita volume that was released earlier this year. In addition to adding the volume covers and a couple pages at the start of chapter 1, there was also a bonus chapter serving as an epilogue to the series and a small afterword from the author. So with that, we've now officially completed this series.

Seito Kaichou bonus chapter: Mediafire, Drive
Seito Kaichou ch. 1 (v2): Mediafire, Drive
Seito Kaichou volume batch: Mediafire

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Have One If You Can Have Both?

Today we have a couple of gender bender one-shots by separate authors. The first is My Childhood Friend Changes Daily (original title: Higawari Osananajimi, 日替わり幼馴染) by Kina Kobayashi and it's 18 pages. A guy has a childhood friend who can change sexes at will. This friend is about to turn 15, at which point they will lose this ability.

The second one is by Fumiko Fumi and it's 16 pages, but it wasn't given a proper title (the only title given basically translates to "A single short story that amounts to a 'business card'"), so we've simply titled it Takahashi and Hirukawa. In the story, Takahashi wakes up one day to discover he's turned into a woman. Curious about what it feels like to have sex as a woman, he asks his friend Hirukawa if he wants to have sex. Despite the subject matter, it's not hentai.

My Childhood Friend Changes Daily one-shot: Mediafire, Drive
Takahashi and Hirukawa one-shot: Mediafire, Drive

Monday, July 16, 2018

Together With You Until the End!

Two days later, and we now come to the end of Kami-sama no Ekohiiki with chapters 26 and 27. Also included at the end of the volume is Komura's one-shot Alice, a short bonus manga about Ukon and God, and a small afterword.

After all is said and done, the series was still worthwhile to work on and complete, even if it stopped being a gender bender part of the way through, or perhaps, in spite of that. I don't know of too many series that can completely remove its defining characteristic and still somehow work out in the end. Ayumi Komura continues to surprise us with her unconventional shoujo manga, since how many other shoujo manga authors do you know who can get away with drawing a BL story in a magazine full of boy/girl romance?

Looking forward, we will probably end up doing Komura's next series in Margaret, assuming there will be one (there still hasn't been any announcement as of now). Although we're aware that she recently started a manga in The Margaret called Kare Cafe, that series' premise just doesn't interest us, so it is unlikely that we will do it.

Kami-sama no Ekohiiki ch. 26: Mediafire, Drive
Kami-sama no Ekohiiki ch. 27: Mediafire, Drive
Kami-sama no Ekohiiki vol. 5 extras: Mediafire, Drive

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Do Whatever It Takes!

After a few months of waiting, here is the start of Kami-sama no Ekohiiki's fifth and final volume with chapters 24 and 25. Also, because this volume contains Komura's one-shot Alice that we released in January 2017, we're already more than halfway through this volume, and there are only two chapters left in the series.

Kami-sama no Ekohiiki ch. 24: Mediafire, Drive
Kami-sama no Ekohiiki ch. 25: Mediafire, Drive

Edit: Typo on pg. 14, ch. 25 fixed and reuploaded. Replace with this.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Tale of Two Bosses!

Finally, we come to the end of Shiomi-chan volume 4 with chapters 22, 23 and 24. As mentioned at the end of the volume, volume 5 is set to come out later this year, most likely either in November or December. On a semi-unrelated note, given the recent anime adaptation of Back Street Girls, and the somewhat similar premise of turning yakuza men into idols, maybe we can hope for an anime of Shiomi-chan someday. It would be nice, considering that the last and only series Kazurou Inoue had adapted into an anime was Midori Days as those years ago.

Next up, we'll finally be starting on the fifth and final volume of Kami-sama no Ekohiiki.

Shiomi-chan ch. 22: Mediafire, Drive
Shiomi-chan ch. 23: Mediafire, Drive
Shiomi-chan ch. 24: Mediafire, Drive