Monday, May 30, 2016

Love Will Find a Way!

After working on Yuri na Watashi for almost a year, we finally come to the last chapter. It's been a fun little ride working on this series, even if it hasn't been the easiest one of our projects. But it was a nice way to kill some time between our other projects. We'd like to give a shout out to Psylocke Scans for allowing up to pick this one up after they did the first chapter last year; we only learned about the series after they released chapter 1. So we hope you had a fun time with this one all the way to the end.

Yuri na Watashi ch. 11: Mediafire, Dropbox
Yuri na Watashi batch: Mediafire

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jellyfishing for an Answer!

Sorry about the delay. Kuragehime chapter 80 is done as we come to the halfway point through the volume. The chapter title this time is kind of hard to figure out where it comes from. The title was written in English, but it didn't seem to be a reference to anything until we came across the South Korean girl group SeeYa that has a song on their second album Lovely Sweet Heart which has been translated into English as "Shall We Marry" (among other similar translations).

Kuragehime ch. 80: Mediafire, Dropbox

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Look Before You Leap!

Finally we come to the end of Okama Hakusho volume 1 with chapters 18 and 19. The end of the volume also includes a short essay by Kaba-chan with some of her comments on the series and its themes. The other two volumes have 21 chapters each for a total of 61 chapters in the series.

Okama Hakusho ch. 18: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 19: Mediafire, Dropbox

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jellyfish for Dinner!

And now for Kuragehime chapter 79. The chapter title is a reference to the 1998 French movie The Dinner Game, which was remade in 2010 as Dinner for Schmucks.

Kuragehime ch. 79: Mediafire, Dropbox

Friday, May 20, 2016

Seize the Opportunity!

Here are Okama Hakusho chapters 16 and 17, leaving just two left to go in volume 1, and of course, only five left to go until we catch up to the previous scanlation.

Okama Hakusho ch. 16: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 17: Mediafire, Dropbox

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jellyfish Night Life!

After 1 year and 3 and a half months, we have Kuragehime chapter 78 at the start of volume 16, which was finally released after that long hiatus in the first half of 2015 and then moving to a bimonthly schedule after that. For whatever reason, Higashimura has been putting more focus on her other manga since 2014 (she has started four new manga since then, though one was essentially cancelled), so the end of Kuragehime has been postponed for quite a while now. But chances are, volume 17 will be the last one, so it shouldn't be too long before we get to the end (probably early 2017). But for now, please enjoy the latest volume for the time being. The chapter title comes from Akihabara@Deep, a 2004 novel with a few adaptations including a 2006 movie.

Kuragehime ch. 78: Mediafire, Dropbox

Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Year, Same Problems!

 Okama Hakusho chapters 13, 14 and 15 are finished, but we'll now be working on it with some of our other series which recently got new volumes. So our next release will be from the long-awaited Kuragehime v16 released a couple days ago.

Okama Hakusho ch. 13: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 14: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 15: Mediafire, Dropbox

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Like a Butterfly to Nectar!

Okama Hakusho chapters 9 through 12 are done as we finally make it halfway through volume 1.

Okama Hakusho ch. 9: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 10: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 11: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 12: Mediafire, Dropbox

Monday, May 9, 2016

If You've Got It, Flaunt It!

And now here are Okama Hakusho chapters 5 through 8.

Okama Hakusho ch. 5: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 6: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 7: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 8: Mediafire, Dropbox

Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's Alive! It's Alive!

In our biggest pickup since we completed Stop!! Hibari-kun! a year ago, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to resurrect Okama Hakusho (also known as Okama Report) by Hideo Yamamoto! The series had been scanlated by another group which died in 2007, and during that time, they managed to release the first 22 chapters. In spite of that, if we are going to do this series, we are going to do it in its entirety, so we are releasing the series from chapter 1.

Also, the volumes that we're using are from a three-volume reprint (similar to what happened with Hibari), because the series is quite old. It first appeared in Young Sunday in June 1989 (back then, it was a biweekly instead of a weekly), and it was completed a little over two years later in 1991, so this is the second-oldest series we've done after Hibari. Okama Hakusho's story goes like this:

College student Shinya Okama is initially tricked into working at a gay bar by his friend Tanaka, but he starts to enjoy it when he sees how cute he looks in drag as "Catherine". However, his infatuation with himself is short lived when he falls in love at first sight with Miki, an innocent college girl and regular at the bar who happens to look a lot like Catherine. Although the two of them hit it off right away, Miki only knows him as Catherine, and to top it off, Miki already has a boyfriend. Not wanting to concede defeat just yet, Okama continues his struggle to get closer to Miki while trying to prevent her from making any progress with her boyfriend who just wants to get in bed with her.

As a small aside, the gay bar in the story is called Maurice, which is likely a reference to E. M. Forster's 1971 novel Maurice.

And so, we are kicking off the series with the first four chapters. Although we are not sure how long it will take us to catch up to the previous scanlation, it probably won't take that long since this is a relatively easy series to work on. And later this month, we will be working on it at the same time as Kuragehime v16 which goes on sale in about a week. As a result, we will probably be getting to Mizutama Honey Boy v04 next month. So that's what we'll be doing for the time being, and we hope you like our newest project.

Okama Hakusho ch. 1: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 2: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 3: Mediafire, Dropbox
Okama Hakusho ch. 4: Mediafire, Dropbox