Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Cross-dressing Thanksgiving!

First allow me to wish all of our American readers a (somewhat belated) Happy Thanksgiving! We managed to get this out just before the end of Thanksgiving, so there's certainly much to be thankful for. As noted in the previous post, Usotsuki Lily chapter 6 is 52 pages long, and it is a great chapter, maybe even the best one yet! On a personal level, this is the only manga from Ayumi Komura I've read, though I've seen that some of our readers have also read and enjoyed her work Mixed Vegetables, so you may want to check out that manga too if you haven't already.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 6 v2: Mediafire

Edit: Thanks to Invalid name for spotting the missed translation on pg. 9. A version 2 for the chapter has been uploaded, but if you already downloaded the chapter, the fixed pg. 9 is below.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chinese Hopping Jellyfish!

Kuragehime chapter 5 is finished, and much like Usotsuki Lily, there's one chapter left in volume 1, but we also already have volume 2 of Kuragehime ready to work on. If you look at the table of contents from the first chapter, there's a special chapter listed at the end, but since it's only 4 pages long, it'll be released along with ch. 6.

Regarding the chapter title this time, it's basically a reference to a series of action comedy horror films and TV dramas produced in Taiwan. The specific one referenced is the 1988 TV drama "Rai Rai! Kyonshiizu", with a basic English translation of "Next Next! Chinese Hopping Vampires", which makes sense once you read the chapter. Also, we decided to change the name of Tsukimi's jellyfish from the phonetic "Kurara" to "Clara", as this is how Clara is pronounced in Japanese.

Next, we feel we should bring up something about the next Usotsuki Lily chapter. It's 52 pages long, which is roughly twice as long as most of the other chapters (Kuragehime ch. 5 is 30 pages). Because of this, it'll probably take about twice as long to release it, so we doubt it'll be out anytime next week. But it's a really great chapter, so it's worth the wait, trust me!

Kuragehime ch. 5:  Mediafire

Sunday, November 14, 2010

En wa Maid-sama!

We're glad that we were able to get Usotsuki Lily chapter 5 out sooner than we thought. That said, we are getting ever closer to the end of volume 1, with only one chapter left, and some bonus extras. But that's okay, because we have volume 2 ready to work on right after that, and volume 3 will be released on Christmas Eve. In regard to this chapter, this series keeps on getting cuter! This was a very enjoyable chapter to work on, especially because there wasn't a lot of editing to take care of. But also because this one was more En-centric than the previous chapters, so, enjoy!

Usotsuki Lily ch. 5: Mediafire

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cross-dressing Wars!

Our second back-to-back release, which also marks our 10th scanlation! Past Future ch. 2 is out, which is our first collaboration with WOW!scans. WOW took care of providing the raws and doing the cleaning, while we handled the translation, typesetting and quality check. This chapter is really, really cute, so prepare yourself!

We believe this to be a wonderful partnership, since we can release these chapters faster. In addition to Past Future, we will also be collaborating with WOW with the Waai series Sazanami Cherry (the first chapter of which was released by The Energy Trade) and the Oto Nyan series Otomegokoro no Jiyuugata about a boy who gets roped into joining an all-girl idol group. Thankfully, these shorter series are generally light on dialogue  (compared to Usotsuki Lily or Kuragehime) so they're much easier to finish.

Past Future ch. 2: Mediafire

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Magic of Jellyfish!

Chapter 4 of Kuragehime is out! Like the previous chapter titles, this one comes from a film. Due to the pacing of the anime and how fast we can get out releases, we have inevitably fallen behind the anime, which we expect will be going to about the end of volume 3 of the manga. We wish we could have started scanlating this manga much earlier, so we could have at least gotten the first volume done before the anime aired, but c'est la vie. We really want to get these out as fast as we can, too. It may not seem like a lot right now, with only four chapters, but remember that's 126 pages! And many more to come!

And there's also a minor update on our Waai and Oto Nyan manga. We have decided to collaborate with WOW!scans on future releases of chapters from Waai and Oto Nyan. The chapters will be released both here and at their website, starting with the second chapter of Past Future. We will also be releasing at least one other Waai series and one series from Oto Nyan. If you want more from Oto Nyan, WOW!scans will be working on additional series in time.

Kuragehime ch. 4: Mediafire

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Summer Festival in Usotsuki Lily

After a long wait, and with some delays, chapter 4 of Usotsuki Lily is out. As you may have noticed, things have slowed down a bit around here, due in part to that little thing called real life I mentioned in an earlier post. Despite that, we will at least try to release one chapter a week. But of course, that also depends on the individual chapters themselves. This chapter had a few pages which took many times longer than a typical page due to a lot of redrawing, lots of typesetting, or a lot of text, such as with the final page. Suffice it to say, this was a frustrating chapter, and we're glad it's done now.

In other news, vol. 3 of Waai and vol. 1 of Oto Nyan have arrived. If you're not already aware, WOW!scans has taken to translating some of the material from Oto Nyan, and there's two other groups doing Waai releases: Soba-Scans and The Energy Trade (which appear to be defunct as they haven't released anything new since July). So most of the ongoing series in Waai have scanlaters (except for one). It looks to be a good time to be a fan of trap manga.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 4: Mediafire