Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Every Garden Has Its Flowers!

While waiting for Bokura no Hentai volume 8 to arrive, we decided to pick up a small series by the same author: Sakura no Sono. By all appearances, Sakura and her friends are normal, albeit sheltered junior high school girls who enjoy talking about love and walking home from school together. However, they also happen to inhabit a strange and supernatural world populated by mysterious, gigantic beings and unusual plant and animal life. Amid their peaceful lives, Sakura becomes very interested in something only alluded to exist in an old book: dicks.

We've finished this first 2 of 11 chapters in the first volume, and as you can imagine, the chapters are pretty short. Currently, only the first volume is out, but volume 2 should be released relatively soon, so that's kind of the reason why we're doing this now. So if you're looking for a quick read with cute art and funny dialogue, please check it out and see what you think.

Sakura no Sono ch. 1 (v2): Mediafire, Dropbox
Sakura no Sono ch. 2 (v2): Mediafire, Dropbox

Edit: The last page of ch. 2 has been altered, and the links above have been updated. If you just need the new page, get it here.

Edit 2: A second version of the chapters has been uploaded to reflect a name change of Youko to Yoko.


  1. What the ...

    ...YAY DICKS

  2. That was odd. I think I need a few more chapters before I can reasonably form an opinion on this.

  3. that...first chapter was a little too odd for my tastes. Maybe I will check it out again once it is fully released.