Shounen Oujo

Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) is a shoujo manga by Utako Yukihiro, with the original concept by Zenko Musashino. Albert is a poor boy living in the Queendom of Morrigan, a country where men have no rights and are ruled over by women. Albert and his friend Theodore are abducted by slave traders, but they are soon bought by a rich girl from a noble family. It turns out that the girl is 11-year-old Princess Alexia Lumiere, heir to the throne of Morrigan, who wants Albert, who bears a striking resemblance to her, to act in her place while she is away for six months. Thus begins Albert's life as Princess Alexia.

Volume 1 (ch. 1-7): [Mediafire]
Volume 2 (ch. 8-14): [Mediafire]
Volume 3 (ch. 15-19): [Mediafire]
Volume 4 (ch. 20-25): [Mediafire]
Volume 5 (ch. 26-31): [Mediafire]

Chapter 32: [Mediafire]
Chapter 33: [Mediafire]
Chapter 34: [Mediafire]