Sweet Magic Syndrome

Sweet Magic Syndrome is a manga by Cuteg. It follows Amako, a 15-year-old girl with a sweet tooth who just enrolled into high school. Her family has had to move around since she was a child because of her dad's job, so she doesn't have any close friends. However, they don't have to move anymore, so Amako hopes that she'll finally have a regular school life with lots of friends. However, when she goes to join the tea ceremony club, she finds that it has been abolished for lack of members.

Alone in the tea ceremony room, Amako opens a new cup of pudding and is shocked to find a girl named Pudding appear out of it, who says she's a princess from the Kingdom of Sweets. Pudding has run away from home because she wanted to study abroad, and in exchange for letting her stay at Amako's house, Pudding joins the tea ceremony club. They are soon joined by Pudding's sisters Chocolate and Cream, and others from the Kingdom of Sweets.

Volume 1: [Mediafire]
Volume 2: [Mediafire]
Volume 3: [Mediafire]