Friday, February 11, 2011

Usotsuki Lily, That It Is!

Here comes Usotsuki Lily chapter 14, with the start of volume 3! This was a very...interesting chapter to translate, mainly because, unlike before, Kojirou has a lot of speaking parts. He has a unique way of speaking that is likened to how samurai speak, and if you've watched or read Rurouni Kenshin or some other samurai work, you'll probably be familiar with some of them at least.

In the past, Kojirou's speech was translated using archaic English words like "thou" or "thee", but this time around, it was time to standardize Kojirou's way of speaking so as to better express some of the nuances of his speech. Kojirou has three patterns he uses:
  • "de gozaru": This is a more polite form of "desu", roughly meaning "it is". It is translated as "that it is", or something similar to that, and says it at the end of almost all of his sentences, so it can get kind of annoying, but you get an idea how polite he's being.
  • "Sessha": He uses this pronoun to refer to himself, roughly meaning "this unworthy one" or "this humble one". It is translated as "this one", and this too is repeated a lot.
  • "Ze yo": This is basically a short affirmation, and can be translated as "yeah" or "yep". He almost never says this, and carries less nuance, so it's not as important (or annoying) as the first two.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 14: Mediafire, Megaupload

Edit: Thought this might come up, but forgot to make a note. Page 14 has two white thought bubbles, but this is correct. The bottom of the page, where they say they can't think of anything, implies this.


    1. Cute chapter, but Kojirou's way of speaking is kind of hard for me to understand with all the "that it is" and "this one is" either hard or annoying to understand. Aside from that I think he's super cute. Next we seriously need the story on the pair of twins.

    2. I love Kojirou~ And i`m really happy that the mangaka dedicated him a chapter <3 But yes, his way of speaking is kind of annoying sometimes XD. Thank youu~ You guys are so fast~

    3. Thank you+ Also I Iknew some of these words because of kenshin sama XP~

      Than you again for the chapter ^w^

    4. Sorry for interrupting, look at page 14, got two missing text on the cloud box.
      Anyway thanks for your release.
      Thank you a lot.

    5. thanks for the release!
      it must have taken the translator and team a lot of effort to decide and standardize kojirou's speach. much appreciation for your efforts.

      Thanks also for sharing the explanation of the speech patterns. helps us readers understand and appreciate it more :)

    6. Many thanks for another release, your effort and the time you put in make this scanlation possible!

    7. Thank you for the new chapter!

    8. Thank you for the new chapter and good job with the samurai speech it wasn't too annoying or awkward to read through
      It was a very cute chapter :)

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    10. They have the whole reason.
      I believe that every chapter this one better translated, really I am charmed with his work and estare waiting for his other one I come to terms. A lot of luck
      And felis san valentin

    11. Kojirou's so cute! hahahaha Loved this chapter. Thank you guys.

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      Keep it up!