Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Josou x2!

Today we have the fourth installments of Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu by Sakuya Yuuki, and Josou Debut by Emiri from the ninth Josou Shounen volume, Apple Group. There are no new announcements at this time for further continuations, but the tenth Josou Shounen volume comes out in a few days, so you never know (just so you know, we won't have it right after it's released, so please be patient). If our next release comes after Thursday, we'd like to wish our American readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

To Hayate, there's really no restriction on our releases, as long as Hachimitsu Scans is credited.

To answer Anonymous, we did not plan on releasing the preview page for volume 6 at the end of Usotsuki Lily volume 5, but I guess we could do it if you want. Edit: Here you go. Just right click and save the image.

Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu one-shot 4: Mediafire (link updated)
Josou Debut one-shot 4: Mediafire


  1. Awesome; thanks for such quick translations.

    Oh, and is Zenryoku "Otome" going to become a regular release from Josou Shounen, or is it another 1-3 chapter one-shot?

  2. Thanks guys! You're awesome, as always.

    (LOL, Thanksgiving is the holiday where you're forced to eat greasy, bready food that doesn't even taste good, and watch boring sports on TV. I'd be more thankful about it if it had other traditions ^^' Actually, I always do feel pretty thankful when it's over.
    The sentiment is still appreciated, though!)

  3. Thank you so much!!

  4. more Josou Debut Kyouka-Ban all day everyday please. That series is going places.

  5. @Anonymous #2:

    If you were brazillian, all holidays are just for take a day off... nobody comemmorate anything (Christmas and New Year are the only "party days"). So, in holidays we no work, and this make us very happy... xD

  6. Also thanks for the translations from here. Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu sure confirm that if you first get into a trap you are not getting out that easily... xD And Usotsuki Lily seems to mere fun in the stock for us. Looking forward to it.

    @Renan Amaral: that description would fit most of us danes as well! (not that anyone here around would be able to tell when Thanksgiving is...)

  7. This is the same Anonymous who asked for the preview page... Thanks so much for posting it! I really wasn't expecting it! After I had posted my previous comment it occurred to me that you left out the page on purpose, so I didn't really think you'd take the time out to translate it. Looks like we'll have more Uso-lily fun up ahead. You guys are awesome! I love your releases! Keep it up!

  8. thank you guys so much for Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu, this chapter is so cute (and surprising)

    new trap skill discovered:
    genuine feelings
    effect: trap skill 50x's

  9. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Happy Turkey Day to you all!

  10. Thanks for more Josou Debut! I'll be rooting for victorious childhood friends! Looking forward to your other releases too!

  11. Any way of getting this back up?