Friday, December 2, 2011

If Today is the Past, then the Future is Now

To start off December and our many Waai releases, here's the sixth chapter of Past Future. It's a nice little chapter, and I wish it wouldn't be another three months until the next chapter. On a related note, translation is done for Reversible chapter 7, and it's been handed off to Maigo, who will do most of the grunt work: cleaning, editing, typesetting, etc. It could be up to another two weeks or more until that's released however. In the mean time, more releases from Waai are on the way.

In semi-related news, we know what series are getting new installments in the latest Josou Shounen volume. They are: Kokuhaku (ch. 6), Restaurant Debut / Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte (ch. 3), Dousei Chuu! (ch. 2), Marmalade Boy (ch. 2), and of course the usual Josou Debut (ch. 5). It'll probably be a while before these get released, however.

Past Future ch. 6: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. Aw, no Zenryoku Otome? Too bad. There's always next month, I guess.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  3. Good chapter this one!

    Thanks for the release! :)

  4. thanks, moar traps lulz X3

  5. Sorry for posting this but when will the new chapter of Love Allergen come out?Thank You!

  6. It's here!--(・∀・)--

    (・∀・)I came!

  7. Thank you for the release!

    It was pretty clear last time that we'd be seeing more of Ichiura. I wonder if this is the end of that storyline, or if it will develop into some type of love at first punch comedy. Well, I have three months to construct crazy theories on what will happen next...

    Thanks for the update on Josou Shounen! There are too many series to look forward to...

  8. Thanks for your work! Fun series!

  9. excellent... MORE kokuhaku!!!

    --- "bashing" errr flooding the author with friendly fan mails that "demands" errr request more of the story seems to work huh?

    anyway thanks for the update and the TLs!

  10. Hmm... As usual, Hachimitsu Scanslation really makes me waiting for more yummy manga. Even josou these days are fun and exiting.

    Thanks a million.

  11. its been a while...but good work!!!
    btw is there any raws?

  12. Sorry for posting this but i just want to justify what i did. Really sorry. Feel free to delete my comment.

    To anonymous:
    I really do not wanted to post that but i want to let hachimitsu scans know that there are still people that wants to read 'love allergen' since they seem to constantly put it on hold and sub other manga first.
    I'm not a fan of 'trap' and i have been checking this site practically everyday just for this manga. I understand that manga about 'traps' are priority for this site.But i really wondered when will it be subbed since initially it is being put on hold till novmeber and i feared that it will be put on hold again.

    Imagine yourself liking a manga a lot yet there is almost no 1 that adores this manga as much as you does. You tried to recommend it to others yet no 1 really cares about it. Imagine waiting for almost 3 months for it to be subbed(i'm not demanding it to be subbed right now , i just want to know when will it most likely be out? jan?feb?mar? at least it makes me happy know how long i'm suppose to wait).

    I got into this manga in late september.

    In fact this is 1 of my first few mangas and for the first time in my life i waited for something to be subbed for months and it makes me really happy when hachimitsu scans updated that it will be on hold till november since it means it will most likelt to be release in november and i was really excited as i knew what to look out for.

    Sorry for all the grammatical errors and just delete this comment since it's just for me to post my frustrations here and i'm not aiming it to this site(Really! i am already thankful u are willing to sub this manga and even more thankful when i found out this site focus more on 'traps').