Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trap in Distress!

Our next release from Josou Shounen volume 10, Satsuma Group, is Kanojo ni Naritai!? by Koyomi Fuji. Keitarou is saved from a molester by Kiritachi, an older, boyish girl. Keitarou later cross-dresses as "Kei" to get closer to her, who is rumored to be a lesbian.

And we should have Kuragehime v09 and Josou Shounen v11 in the next two weeks; sorry for the wait. As a reminder, Josou Shounen v11 Grape Group has continuations of Zenryoku Otome, Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte, and Josou Debut.

In Josou Shounen v12, Banana Group, the only new installment of one's we've already done is Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte. This is also the first volume since v06 that doesn't have a Josou Debut chapter. Also, Ichijinsha has confirmed a 13th volume coming out in May.

By the way, today was April 4, "Trap Day" in the Japanese trap community as it is between Girls' Day on March 3 and Boys' Day on May 5 (now known as Children's Day).

Kanojo ni Naritai!? one-shot: Mediafire


  1. Thank you! ^_^
    That one was so cute and funny!
    Today was Trap Day??? Seriously?? :D

  2. LOL,,
    thanks for the hard work~

    oh, and i like that trap day idea~
    what are they doing in trap days~?

  3. Thanks for the updates, It looks like there are lots of great things coming! Although I must admit wondering if this is the end of Josou Debut!

    Thanks for this release, it was very good. Also.... Trap Days? Ive never heard of such a thing but it sounds like fun ^^

  4. Thanks a lot for the release, this was great. ^^

  5. Thanks! looking forward to Kuragehime! :)

  6. i love it please make a part two one were they go on a date and possible kiss kawil!!