Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

After suffering a short delay, here's chapter 48 of Usotsuki Lily with the start of volume 8. It seems just like yesterday we were finishing up volume 7 (well, it was just last month), and it's a little weird to think it's almost been two whole years since we started it. Now to start on volume 10 of Waai.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 48: Mediafire


  1. Thank you so much for this chapter! *-*
    Awn, how I missed Uso-Lily... But this chapter was totally worth the wait, it was so fun xD
    I almost can't wait to the next *-*
    Thanks again!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the idea of a BL series with Ten. *shot*

    I can't wait to see how En manages to win over Hinata's dad! Thank you so much for your continued (2 years, really?!) work on Usotsuki Lily!

  3. BL series with Ten? I wish she hadn't mentioned that. My drool is going to destroy my computer.

  4. thanks so much for this chapter and your continued hardwork for 2 years guys! we really appreciate it! <3

  5. Thanks for the release!

    I'm glad that en wasn't able to stop it... I wouldn't like to read the BL version with Ten!

  6. Thanks! Super happy to see usolily again! Much love!!