Thursday, December 6, 2012

There's Nothing Sweeter Than a Trap's Love!

Two more one-shots from Waai Mahalo are finished, with half the work going to Deus Ex Scans. The first is Hatsukoi Lovers (First Love Lovers) by Ayune Araragi. Mamori Kusunoki's childhood friend Wakaba Kisaki has been dressing and acting as a girl for years, stemming from a promise to get married when they were kids.

The second is Onna no Ko Kenkyuukai (Girl Research Society) by Beru Okabayashi. Yuuma Yamabuki has just moved to a new town where he meets Laira, a cross-dressing boy who asks for Yuuma's help. Yuuma must cross-dress to follow Laira back to his all-girl school where he meets the others in the Girl Research Society.

Also, after the dissolution of Soba Scans, and then UFW dropping the series, we agreed to continue translating Himitsu no Akuman-chan as a joint with Deus Ex Scans, so here's chapter 10.

Hatsukoi Lovers one-shot: Gett
Onna no Ko Kenkyuukai: Gett 
Himitsu no Akuma-chan ch. 10: Gett


  1. Wow, two new one-shots and the continuation of one of my favorite ones. Thank you to both groups, this is quite the nice surprise!

  2. Will you guys also be doing "More! The Secret Devil-chan"?
    UFW did the first chaptor for it, and I assume they dropped it like they did with Devil-chan.

  3. Thank you so much, I looking forward to Secret D Chan thank you. And the two one-shot are appreciated has well thanks again.

  4. Thanks a lot, I love you people. And thanks for continuing Secret Devil Chan too! :D

  5. thank you for the work, you are awesome !

  6. Thank you guys so much! Secret Devil Chan is one of my favorites. I was very disappointed when UFW dropped it. So it's great to see that you guys have picked it up! :D