Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Return of the Trap!

Today, we are very happy to present a double release in collaboration with Deus Ex Scans. The first is the fourth and final chapter of Boku no Geboku ni Nare! (and this time it's for real). We were very surprised to see that Assa was able to release a more definitive ending to the series instead of that train wreck from the last issue of Mahalo readers of the series will know about. This time, the ending is much more satisfying, so enjoy.

The second release is chapter 6 of Hikaru to Hikari, also surprisingly published in this issue of Waai. This is also the second-to-last chapter, and with Waai now suspended, it is possible that the last chapter may just be released in the series' second volume. We'll be on the lookout for it if that's the case.

Boku no Geboku ni Nare! ch. 4: Mediafire, Dropbox
Hikaru to Hikari ch. 6: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. It's nice to see that Boku no Geboku ni Nare actually got a proper ending.

  2. Whaaa!? A continuation after a long time, and it has to be the end!? :cry

  3. Thank you I'm glad that Boku no Geboku ni Nare got an good ending.

  4. Good to see Geboku got a proper end.

    Very much looking forward to the last chapter of Hikaru to Hikari~

  5. Wasn't expecting Boku no Geboku ni Nare to get a chance to have a proper ending, so I'm very glad for that!

    Didn't realize Waai was suspended since I didn't see the edit... now, I'm actually glad Himegoto is getting an anime -- maybe it'll gain new fans. If the otokonoko boom is over, I'll cry forever. Though, more and more of them are appearing in normal works, at least...

  6. Huh... I just realized that Aya technically contradicts herself in chapter 6. She says the truth is she thought Yuuto was going to figure out right away that Hikaru is Hikari. But in chapter 2 when she has Hikaru make sweets for Yuuto she says that it's not like Yuuto will find out that Hikaru is Hikari.

    Also, others have said that maybe the otokonoko boom is just over and that is why Waai was suspended. But if that were really the case then why would Himegoto be getting an anime... Well regardless of what the truth may be, I certainly do wish to eventually get more new trap series to read someday. Life just wouldn't be the same without trap manga~<3

    1. Regarding the contradiction in chapter 6, I believe Aya was referring to Yuuto figuring it out right away that Hikaru is Hikari when Hikari suddenly showed up to go to the beach instead of Hikaru. This is sort of hinted at on the bottom-right panel of page 6, "Well, look cute, but...", implying that she was about to say, "but Yuuto's gonna figure it out right away."

  7. Hikaru to Hikari was completed. I'll look forward to ch 6

  8. Now that Hikaru to Hikari has gotten its final chapter published in volume 2 will you release the final chapter?

    Pleeaassee it would mean the world to me! Thank you :)

  9. I'm waiting for the final chapter of Hikaru to Hikari. If it's really out, then please translate. Thank you.