Friday, August 1, 2014

...Try, Try Again!

After nearly 100 days since its last release, chapter 22 of Kakukaku Shikajika is done as we begin volume 4. For everyone still waiting for more Kuragehime, there's still this interesting look into the author's younger days and her struggle to become the fantastic (and perhaps often overlooked) manga author she is today. Noitamina, can we please get an anime of this already? It seems right up your alley, and it would make perfect sense since Kuragehime also aired on the Noitamina block.

Kakukaku Shikajika ch. 22: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. This is so, so good.

    Keep on fighting, Akiko!

  2. Thank you so much as always for the team's hard work! I love this manga, it hits very close to home for me.
    Thank you!

  3. Eh, sorry to comment on an unrelated post, but I had a question about a couple of your projects:

    Is Dousei Chuu! completely scanlated?

    And, do you know if Motto! Himitsu no Akuma-chan is done? I figured it probably is since the main series is over, but...

    1. There were only ever 4 chapters of Dousei Chuu (3 from Josou Shounen and 1 from Waai); we have the separate volume they were published and have confirmed this.

      Motto! Himitsu no Akuma-chan presumably ended when Waai Mahalo ended, and since the main series ended in Waai before that too ceased publication, I wouldn't think it's coming back.

    2. Ah, OK, I think on B-U it was marked as incomplete which is why I asked. I kind of figured it was done, though. ^^;

      Oh, right. I have trouble keeping magazines straight;;

      Thanks for your response! :9