Saturday, October 25, 2014

To Live the Life of a Cross-dresser!

Finally, after working on Usolily volume 16 for almost the entire month of October, here's chapter 11 of Boy's Lily, along with the author's usual afterword. Thus brings to an end the second-to-last volume as we very much impatiently await the release of volume 17 in exactly one month from today. That means we'll be working on it in early December, so we'll finish up Usolily before the year is over.

As a small aside, it would be amazing if Shueisha ever released an Ayumi Komura artbook. She apparently drew over 130 color illustrations for Usolily alone, to say nothing of all the other art she's produced for her other series, so there's definitely enough content for at least one or two books, if not more.

Luckily, Komura will start her new series on December 5th, although we won't know what it's about or even its title until a month from now when a preview of it appears on Margaret's website. We already mentioned before that we plan on working on it no matter what it is, so for the foreseeable future, we'll be continuing to release more of what Komura has to offer.

And speaking of what Komura has to offer, we can finally start on those three 50-page one-shots she released a little while ago. As for our other ongoing projects, none of them are getting new volumes until early next year it seems (aside from Sweet Magic Syndrome v3 which comes out in late December), so we don't have much else to offer in terms of updates. Sadly, Shounen Oujo is still on hiatus, but might reappear soon in Sylph, though there's no way to know when. but as fate would have it, Utako Yukihiro just announced today that she'll be restarting the manga early next year!

And we also just recently passed 2.5 million views to the blog. Thanks for all your support!

Boy's Lily ch. 11: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. It's fun seeing how Komura's PoV on a lot of this stuff seems to have changed over the course of the manga. In earlier chapters En and Hinata are convinced that Taiyou's going to take it hard when he finds out En's a boy, and some of the dialogue reflects a pretty negative or mocking tone in regards to things like that. Now UL has multiple queer relationships and Boy's Lily has En explicitly deciding he doesn't care what gender Hinata is. I suppose the main series sort of has a moment like that with Hinata, too (though En's gender was never in question, so it's not quite the same...)

    Momo's arc certainly explores this theme further, and the final chapter kind of underscores this, it's lovely. A callback to one of the nicest arcs in the series <3

    Going into reading this series I don't think I ever expected it to go to places like this, even if it's still humor-oriented shoujo. Really pleasant surprise.