Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Key to a Girl's Heart is Honey!

Since several of the series we've been working on have ended recently, we've been looking to pick up a new project, and now we're pleased to present to you the start of Mizutama Honey Boy (Polka Dot Honey Boy) by Junko Ike with chapter 0. The series follows Mei Sengoku, an independent girl and captain of her high school kendo club who enjoys helping others in need. This has earned her a lot of admirers among the girls at her school, as well as a guy named Shirou Fuji well-known at school for his girly way of speaking and gestures. When Shirou asks Mei to go out with him, she simply rejects him, but he comes back the next day and tells her he's not going to give up on her so easily.

The first chapter is actually chapter 0 because it was originally a one-shot that later got turned into a series with chapter 1. This is similar to how Usotsuki Lily started, except that Usolily's one-shot was more or less separate from Usolily's series, but Mizutama's one-shot is essentially the first chapter story-wise. In terms of being a gender bender, Mizutama is probably right on the border, so it's hard to say whether it should be classified as one or not, but the series is far from your typical shoujo manga.

Next up, the final release of Stop!! Hibari-kun! before getting back to more of Mizutama and also Full Dozer.

Mizutama Honey Boy ch. 0: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Thanks a lot, I really loved this chapter! Fuji is my favorite kind of male character in manga, so I was truly happy when I read the synopsis <3. I'm also looking forward to Full Dozer!

  2. That was really cute! Thanks for picking this up.

  3. That was awesome. I look forward to more of this one. After reading Otomen, I've grown very fond of this kind of pairing :D

  4. I've been hoping for a group to pick this series up and I can't tell you how excited I am to see you release it! Thank you so much for your work!

  5. do you know if Onnanoko Play or Sensei Anone are ever going to be continued or finished