Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Honey and Water Do Not Mix!

And so, with the release of Mizutama Honey Boy chapter 4, we're finally done with volume 1! And thankfully, we already have volume 2, and we will start on it as soon as Full Dozer's first volume is done, which shouldn't take too long seeing as how it has one more chapter and a bit of bonus content.

After scanlating Mizutama Honey Boy volume 1, we have to wonder, how can a series this good be selling such low numbers in Japan? The comedy's spot on, the art's beautiful, and, oh yeah, it's not your typical shoujo manga. We feel Junko Ike deserves a lot more recognition than she's currently getting, and we hope that the series will gain more popularity in Japan, as well as exposure with our scanlations.

Mizutama Honey Boy ch. 4: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Thanks once again, it would be a shame if this series were to end prematurely. I am finding it far more enjoyable than Full Dozer at present. which is a shame in itself as Uso Lily was top notch. Thanks for the release.

    1. I completely agree. Neither of the main characters in Full Dozer seem to really engage me. Perhaps it will eventually hit the mark, at the moment tho Mizutama Honey Boy (which I expected to dislike at first glance) seems to hitting a nice combination of humor and drama.

  2. I agree with anon, I really hope this series doesn't get axed. I really like this one since it reminds me a bit of Otomen.

  3. I love this series, it's so funny and cute! I can picture the anime for it so I really hope it continues. Can't wait for the next installment. Thanks for sharing this manga with us!