Saturday, October 31, 2015

Can't Keep a Good Bear Down!

Happy Halloween! We've been absent for about a week, but we have been quite busy over the past few days working on chapter 1 of our newest project Mori no Takuma-san by Ayumi Komura. This is also a bit of a 5th anniversary project for us, since it was 5 years ago that we started Usotsuki Lily, so it's perfect that we can celebrate five years as a scanlation group by starting another manga by Ayumi Komura. The first chapter features the color spread shown above and another 50 pages.

The story follows Karin Sakuma, a 16-year-old girl whose idealized standards for the perfect guy have left her without ever having a boyfriend. This importance on how something looks even extends to things she buys, often without practicality in mind.

One day, Karin's mom sets her up on a blind date with Takuma Morino, a guy who satisfies all of her requirements, but she later discovers that he is also overweight. Although Karin doesn't initially recognize him, she and Takuma had once played together as kids, during which time Takuma developed feelings for Karin and asked her to marry him, to which she nonchalantly agreed. Although he asks her to marry him again, she turns him down, but Karin later tells Takuma that she wants to spend more time with him to see what will come of it.

As when we did this for Full Dozer, we are going to wait until the first volume is released to continue it, which should be sometime early next year either in March or April. In the meantime, the last volume of Full Dozer came out, and we'll be working on that as soon as it's feasible, which means sometime in November. Next up, though, is the latest chapter of Yuri na Watashi, released just a couple days ago.

Mori no Takuma-san ch. 1: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Thanks for your new series! I hope that this one is a hit for myself as Full Dozer was a bit of a miss. After Uso Lily was so damn good! Love your work. Thanks again

  2. Takuma has some damn impressive metabolism o_O

    Hehe, this one might be pretty cute. Looking forward to when the first volume is done.

  3. Thank you so much! And happy halloween! :D

  4. I didn't love this but it was kind of cute.

    Up until the last two pages anyway. That was incredibly stupid.

    1. This is Komura, slightly ridiculous story lines are her forte XD

    2. Ha ha. True :)

  5. Wow, a guy go studying in America and became a fat ass, why I'm not suppise.