Thursday, November 3, 2016

All Her Secret Thoughts!

After several days of hard work, we can finally release the first chapter of a series we've wanted to do for quite a while. This is Nanashi no Asterism (Nameless Asterism) by Kina Kobayashi, a shoujo ai series that's been serialized in Gangan Online since June 2015, and it currently has three volumes out, with a fourth coming out later this month, meaning a huge amount of content until we catch up to the latest volume. And the chapters are all pretty long, too. The story is as follows:

Tsukasa Shiratori, Nadeshiko Washio and Mikage Kotooka are three close-knit friends in junior high school. For almost a year, Tsukasa has been harboring a secret she can't tell anyone: she has a crush on Nadeshiko. She resigns to keep it locked away forever, but then discovers that Nadeshiko has a crush on Mikage. Not wanting to mess up their current relationship, Tsukasa decides to support Nadeshiko in any way she can. However, Mikage has a secret of her own that she can't share with anyone.

And so, we'll be working on this throughout November to see how far we can get before the fourth and last volume of Mori no Takuma-san comes out later this month (if you haven't heard, the last chapter gets published in a couple days).

Nanashi no Asterism ch. 1: Mediafire, Dropbox

Edit: Typo on page 20 fixed and reuploaded.


  1. Great to see that you're picking up this series. After reading the first chapter some time ago, I always hoped that someone would pick it up.

    My only question is: Is it normal for Japanese teenage girls who are close friends to call each other by their last names?

  2. This looks like it could be interesting. Thanks for bringing it to us!

  3. This was pretty intense for a first chapter but it got me hooked already!