Friday, January 20, 2017

Be Careful Where You Cross-dress!

And now for LiLy chapters 5 and 6, bringing us to more than halfway through the first volume, with still about a quarter of the volume left to go.

LiLy ch. 5: Mediafire, Dropbox
LiLy ch. 6: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Great release keep em coming... N thanks for your hard work.

  2. It ends so fastt..... T^T, i wonder if were catching up to the raws

  3. Great Work & Again Happy New Year!
    As always, thanks for these cheering up the darkest days! I'd like any help locating a manga whose title I don'r recall but the plot was a gamer discovers that the girl/or loli he likes is really a sage old guy but they continue on as friends/mentor in a way in the background of him dealing with another girl geek. I know these are scratchy clues but any tips would be precious! I'd love to donate for the building od a manga plot glossary for things like this!
    Thanks for any help!
    Jim in NYC

    1. netoge no yome?
      i dont know about the sage part?.
      any clues?