Monday, June 12, 2017

Just Play Along!

After a couple months since the last release, here's chapter 5 of the Boy Skirt 4-koma series. Tomohiro Shinohara posted on Twitter a couple of months back that his releases for this would start to be a lot slower, only releasing two or three pages a month at most, so this chapter includes pages released from late March up to a few days ago, so it's only 7 pages long. The reason being that Shinohara started a new manga called Nibiiro no Hako no Naka de on Line Manga in late April, but it still looks like he'll be continuing the Boy Skirt 4-koma for now. Also, the above color illustration was posted to his Twitter account a couple of days ago.

And in other news, we had a look at Norio Tsukudani's Twitter account today and discovered that she had updated her profile to show that Heroine Voice is now listed as having "2 volumes in total" (written on the profile as 「ヒロインボイス」全2巻). Previously, she had listed it as having completed "part 1" of the manga, and this is also shown on the last page of chapter 10 which said on the margin that "Part 1 is complete", so we had assumed that she had merely put the series on hiatus with the intention to continue it later. However, considering that the series did not seem all that popular, and it had a conclusive ending of sorts with chapter 10, it's possible that the editors of Comic Rex (published by Ichijinsha) simply cancelled the series. Also, she recently started a new series called Futaba-san-ke no Kyoudai published by Hakusensha, so it's likely that she is done with Ichijinsha. So if you want more from Tsukudani, you can check out her new series, currently being scanlated by Raptor Scans.

Boy Skirt 4-koma ch. 5: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Thanks for Boy Skirt. I really miss this story

  2. Sucks to see Heroine Voice has ended. I kind of liked that one. Guess Ill go check out her new series.

    Will you guys be picking up Tomohiro's next series?