Sunday, October 7, 2018

If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!

The latest Fukaboku release is here with chapter 5. The next chapter is slated for release on November 2.

Fukakai na Boku no Subete o ch. 5: Mediafire, Drive


  1. I need Mogu-chan in my life. More like, all of them.

  2. You know, I wasn't sure about this one when it started. Not because of the subject matter, I hasten to add - I just felt the story-telling was a bit lacking, somehow. But it looks like it's going somewhere now. I was actually quite moved by Mogu's aching feet... Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

  3. Oh dear... I'm getting some real bad vibes from Kotone on that last page. I hope she isn't going to turn out to be a yandere.