Friday, April 1, 2011

A Cross-dressing April Fools' Day!

No joke, Kuragehime chapter 21 is released, which marks the middle of volume 4. We appreciate the fans of our scanlations, and we read every comment you post. Recently, an anonymous commenter posted, asking for clarification on the Kuragehime scanlation. Basically, despite TBA not officially announcing it, they told us they dropped it, leaving the scanlation to us, as we've said. Furthermore, there is no possibility of a joint between our groups, or any group, for Kuragehime, or any of our main projects. It's simply easier for us to do it ourselves.

The chapter title is simple this time. It comes from the TV drama ER, which is known with the extended title "ER Emergency Room" in Japan. Somewhat coincidentally with our release, it had its last episode on April 2, 2009.

Also, this marks our 50th release, and strangely enough our six-month anniversary since we began scanlation. We look forward to providing you with more of the manga you and we love.

Kuragehime ch. 21: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. wow, you give fast releases and actually read and respond to comments...pretty impressive. Thanks for the release.

  2. Holy cow! No joke! Hachimitsu Scans are awesome!! ♥

  3. Thank you all for the new chapter!

  4. Congratulations! And thank you very much for your hard work!

  5. thank you! I'm so glad you're back on this project!
    And congrats on your month-versary! :D

  6. 1st of all, congratulations for your six month anniversary and the release number 50! Yay! long live to Hachuimisu scans! ;)
    I'll say it again: I'm glad that you girls continue working on the manga. Thank you very much girls!

    Sorry for my english :/
    Claudia (Bluchan).

  7. thank you for the new chapter! (actually chapterS...)
    wow so many things coinciding :) i can't believe its already 50 releases and 6 months... it was like just yesterday when i checked out your first release... thank you again for your work in bringing these projects to us, and for the speedy and high quality scanlations.

  8. Thanks you for feeding my Kuragehime addiction you guys! I'm still waiting on that OVA..

  9. Man... talk about efficency... I'm sooooooo glad you guys exist, like, relly GLAD, enormously glad and happy... your scans are awesome, in image-quality and translation AND the frequency of releases. I appreciate your hard work and I'll be rigth here cheering you guys to continue with it. I mean, you truly made my day... no that's my week actually, with this new chapter and the previous ones, as I've been drowning in awful-college-related-stuff for the last month, and I came here in order to not kill myself thinking "please, let it there be a helluva new kuragehime's chapies, pleaseeee... just please Manga Gods" and why yes! here they were! so, thank you Hachimitsu Scans' Staff-sama!! *bows* I hope- no, that's to say, I KNOW I'll be reading you (as in, in a new chapter) soon enough *looks at you with worshipping eyes*, Your Number One Fan, Le.

  10. Awesome release as ever ♥

    And thanks for clearing up what was going on with TBA's releases.

  11. Happy Six-month Anniversary and congrats on reaching the 50th release!
    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  12. I hope really that they do not have ningun problem in continuing with his projects, since really serious sad
    I hope that everything walks very well.
    Regards chile

  13. Wait, they dropped it?! I'm so happy we get to read your scanlations then! *-*

    Also, happy belated six-month anniversary of Hachimitsu Scans, you guys~ Thank you so much for the great work.