Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Diary is a Dangerous Thing!

Now for the moment all the Love Allergen fans have been waiting for, the first new translated material in over a year, Love Allergen chapter 4! It's a great chapter, and the manga continues to be a lot of fun, so readers won't be disappointed. With this, we're more than halfway through volume 1. As always, thanks to our readers and those who comment.

Love Allergen ch. 4: Mediafire, Megaupload

And now for something else that has been greatly anticipated: Past Future chapter 4, and this time with a couple color pages to boot. Sazanami Cherry chapter 5 will follow soon. As usual, these chapters are serialized in a quarterly magazine, so another chapter won't be released until October.

Past Future ch. 4: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. wow O.O
    arigato¡¡^^ very good this mangas¡¡i

  2. wow it's being some time since the last past future, I though you guys had dropped it for a momment.

  3. Thank you for continuing Love Allergen! It's a very pleasant read. Also thanks for another chapter of Past Future.

  4. What a chapter of Love Allergen.
    Entertaining as usual!

    Honomi is really starting to grow on me, she's absolutely adorable xD And Tasuku's germophobia is quite lovable as well--OCD!!

  5. It's great to see groups picking up projects that were abandoned even though they were good. Thanks alot.

  6. I love you Past Future!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I mean Juhachi - 18 :D
    Waited so long for this that it hurt...

  7. Thanks for Past Future!!
    Will it be continued on a faster pace now?

  8. WOWScans! just declared hiatus, so is Hachimitsu Scans going to take over completely on that project?