Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love Allergen and a Surprise!

Moving right along to our next project while we wait for more Kuragehime and Usotsuki Lily, here's the first chapter of the manga Love Allergen. Even if you have already read the version put out by Endaene Scanlaene, we recommend you read our version, based on various differences and improvements. Now, while this may be our only non-gender bender project, the main character Tasuku Yamano is cute enough to be a trap, so that's a plus. Something to note is that Honomi Morioka refers to herself in the third person, and this is kept for authenticity. So, enjoy!

We've also slightly reorganized our projects, splitting up the series into separate pages and placing the navigation to the right.

Love Allergen ch.1: Mediafire, Megaupload

And now, for our surprise:

Ichijinsha has been releasing trap anthologies since last year and six volumes have been released to date, with another two coming out soon. As an added side project alongside our Love Allergen releases, we want to provide some of the better one-shots from these anthologies, starting with the one-shots that have continuations; some of the stories have second and even third installments. Our first release from these anthologies is Hybrid Boy by Mizunomoto, which first appeared in the third volume. A second installment appeared in volume 5, which will be released soon. The story has BL themes, it's very cute and highly recommended.

Also, Sazanami Cherry and Past Future are also going to be coming soon, so look forward to those two. Otomegokoro no Jiyuugata won't be released until July.

Hybrid Boy one-shot 1: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. I LOVE YOU for finally talking about Past Future.
    It felt like it was being ignored for the past... future ~de geso

  2. Sorry for the double post,
    but that Hybrid Boy was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL.
    Too bad it's a one shot...
    I fully support and ask everybody else to read that anthology!

  3. Woah. Double-woah even. I've been hoping for someone to pick Love Allergen up for ages, I'm all giddy and giggling with joy. Maybe I should have seen it coming, what with it being an awesome series and you guys being awesome scanlators/people, but still. Great news, I'm incredibly high on FUCK YES right now.

  4. Thanks for picking up Love Allergen!

  5. woo O.O
    thank you for 2 chapter¡¡¡^^
    very good¡¡

  6. thanks for love allergen :D

  7. first of all, i want to thank you for scanlating allergen :)
    i read the previous scanlators release and liking it very much... i hope you keep up the good work, and not quiting midway. amen

  8. Wow... Hybrid boy's art was soo niceeee :3
    Thank for scanlating it :D

  9. Wow! Two wonderful releases.
    I was surprised, but I'm enjoying both of them and looking forward to future releases!

    You guys have a great eye for fantastic projects!
    Thanks for the hard work, it's great quality ^__^!

  10. I'll be following this release as well and many thanks for scanlating these both!

    You're a very dedicated and hard working scanlator!!!! Thank you so much!!