Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Debut Duo!

Okay, moving right along, here's two more one-shots. The first is Restaurendezvous by Naya Minadori, which appeared in volume 5, Red Group. This one's about a guy named Hirokazu who walks into a family restaurant to discover his trap friend Tsubasa is working there as a waitress. It's very funny and cute.

The second one-shot we have is Josou Debut (Cross-dressing Debut) by Emiri, which appeared in volume 6, Cherry Blossom Group. It's about Natsukawa and his childhood friend Haruno who decides to make his cross-dressing debut upon entering high school. It's funny, but also kind of touching. This one really is too short, so it's great that it got a couple of continuation chapters that appeared in volumes 7 and 8 of the Josou Shounen anthologies. However, we are still waiting for our copies of those two volumes, but will have them soon. This wraps it up for July, so we'll see you all in August with another two one-shots. Thanks for reading, and there's still many more to come.

Oh, and Anonymous asked last time on the status of the Josou Shounen anthologies. Currently, 8 volumes are out, and we don't know if any more will be published, but Ichijinsha usually announces a new volume every few months. In any case, as long as they're still publishing their Waai trap magazine, they're bound to continue with these anthology volumes.

Restaurendezvous one-shot: Mediafire
Josou Debut one-shot 1: Mediafire


  1. Aw, Josou Debut is so cute! Thanks for uploading, can't wait for its continuation o u o

  2. Mmmmm...need moar traps..

  3. "In Scotland, men wear skirts as a part of their native dress."
    Only the patriotic of us, really.
    ... Not a pleasant sight.
    Traps, on the other hand, are.