Friday, July 22, 2011

Traps, Traps and More Traps: What More Would You Want?

Like we said, we've gone back to work on the one-shots from Ichijinsha's Josou Shounen anthology volumes, which currently has seven volumes, with another one to come out in the next few days. Today, we've got three chapters of Kokuhaku by Anri Sakano, one of the few one-shots in the series that had continuations. The first chapter was in the second volume Peach Group, the second chapter was in the fourth volume Blue Group, and the third chapter was in the sixth volume Cherry Blossom Group. It's lighthearted and cute, so please check it out.

Kokuhaku one-shot 1: Mediafire
Kokuhaku one-shot 2: Mediafire
Kokuhaku one-shot 3: Mediafire


  1. Thank you very much for this triple translation! A very fun, cute and heartwarming story. Hope it get continued.

  2. hahah, who would have thought 3 guy's be that cute ;P

  3. thank you for chapter ^^
    like history

  4. This was great.

    I feel like the club leader is making herself a harem without them realizing it. : )

  5. That was awesome, thanks for translating it.

  6. Thank you but look like the chapter 2 was removed... Can anybody check this out, please? As sorry for disturbing...

    1. Link updated, but for future reference, the link was already updated on the Josou Shounen page, and all the links on that page should be working, so you can get the other charpters there: