Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Childhood Friend Can't Be This Cute!

These two one-shots are by Hiroyoshi Koutake. The first one is titled Futari no Ichiban Nagai Hi (The Longest Day of Those Two) and it appeared in volume 3, Princess Group. It's about how Ryuuji deals with his trap childhood friend Mizuki, who is very attached to him. There are some minor BL themes, but overall it's really cute. The second one-shot is titled Itsuka to Kyou no Kaerimichi (The Way Home on One Day and Today) and (despite having a different title) is the second installment of the first one-shot; it appeared in volume 4, Blue Group. The second one-shot is slightly longer than the first. Enjoy!

Last time, "just out of time" asked about the possibility of including links to download each Josou Shounen volume in the future. The thing is, we never intended to do all of the one-shots from these volumes, simply because some of them in each volume aren't worth scanlating. Honestly, we don't think you're missing anything from the one's we don't do. However, if we do scanlate the lesser interesting ones, it'll be a long while until they're all complete, since we'll be starting up our main projects again soon enough, and there's even a couple other things we have planned too for later this year.

Another person asked about news on Kuragehime. As we have stated on our Kuragehime page, it's on hold until the release of volume 8, but we still don't know when that volume is coming out. We think it'll be out in September, but when we confirm the release date, we'll update the Kuragehime page.

Futari no Ichiban Nagai Hi one-shot: Mediafire, Megaupload
Itsuka to Kyou no Kaerimichi: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. Thank you for answering my question!

    I see... in an anthology filled with tons of short chapters of TRAPs, there are bound to be some "not-so-great" reads. Oh well, it was worth an ask. :]