Sunday, September 4, 2011

Trap Maid Complex

As we said last time, here's the last two chapters of Otosuki volume 1, chapters 6 and 7. There are no more volumes or raws currently available, so this manga probably won't continue until the second volume gets released, which will probably be sometime late this year, or more likely, early next year. Next up, we're doing Sazanami Cherry and Past Future to start with our Waai projects.

To answer some questions, first Usotsuki Lily. Yes, the fifth volume has come out, but we won't have it until early October, primarily because of money issues. Even if we could get it a little earlier, honestly, it would only be a matter of a couple of weeks earlier. You've waited about 3 months already, so the matter of a couple weeks doesn't seem like much. This is the same reason why Kuragehime won't be started until October as well, though the eighth volume comes out in about 10 days. Love Allergen will continue after we're done with Usotsuki Lily vol. 5 and Kuragehime vol. 8.

An anon also asked about the status of Kokuhaku. We don't know if anymore chapters will appear in future volumes, so I would say don't get your hopes up about it continuing. Kokuhaku is the only one-shot in all of the Josou Shounen anthologies to get 4 chapters, so that's more love than most of the others get, but we hope it continues too.

Otosuki ch. 6: Mediafire, Megaupload
Otosuki ch. 7: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. thanks guys. ive been waitin for this.

  2. Woah, it's double traps! Awesome.
    Nah, We guess we don't mind waiting a little bit.

    After all the series and you guys work is a worth wait.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    OK, I think Yuki looks hawter as a waiter than as a maid.
    And Tomo is TOTALLY EVIL, lol.

    Arrest the evil peeper, Cherry Girls!

  4. i'm the anon who asked about kokuhaku... many great thanks for answering...

    PS. my animalistic instinct tells me that it will be continued since i'm pretty sure its one of the most demanded josou shounen story. my instinct is accurate 80%

    PS.2 thus far, you guys are more friendlier than red birdie scans. you guys readily answer every question without any signs of being pissed (unlike in that stated scanlation group)that's why you guys rock more! praises unto you!

  5. Do you guys have to work from the tankoubon scans or would CompACE scans be acceptable. I have a subscription to CompACE and could possibly be persuaded to scan the Otosuki chapters.....

  6. Thanks for the double release.
    Can we hope for a volume 1 batch?

  7. @Ichigo69: Contact us at about the scans.

    @Anonymous: A volume 1 batch is already available on the Otosuki project page.

  8. Thanks for these wonderful releases, you guys are the best.

  9. Thanks!
    I hope Nao realizes poor Yuki wants into his pants sometime soon.