Friday, September 16, 2011

The Year of the Trap

Today we have a couple of old one-shots from Waai that never got released. The first is called Nonono. by Reku Fuyunagi and it was in the first issue. It's about a trap named Nono who goes to his lesbain friend Sei to become cuter than he already is. The second one-shot is called Yome ♂ by Zenzai Yoshihira and it was in the fifth issue. It follows Usagi Mitsuki, who recently married his shrine's trap god Runa. This one had some pretty...interesting lines. Hope you enjoy them both.

Nonono. one-shot: Mediafire, Megaupload
Yome ♂ one-shot: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. Ha ha! Interesting twist with Nonono....usually it's a GUY trying to remind himself that the trap is actually a boy.

  2. The ending of Yome was weird.

    Was that last SFX a scream of pain or pleasure?

    Tell me plox Juhachi-sama!!!

  3. @Deadish

    I suppose that would be up to your interpretation. It doesn't look like one or the other.

  4. great work guys keep it up!

  5. Thank you I really enjoyed these manga’s

  6. fantastic.. but i cant still call it a GB plot because the crossdressing character is technically (art-wise) a girl... it became a M-F TG plot because the story says those charas are males... tsk...

    just my opinion... i would like to site a example the rogue guy in ch 3 of kokuhaku. that guy art wise and story wise is male but through CD he became a "female" that's perfect GB plot. not some andro guy going into a dress.

  7. @Anonymous(5):
    I agree with you, for me this is one of the great problems of the Crossdressing mangas. Maybe this is why Reversible is interesting (my point of view).

    By the way, thanks for the releases, I liked a lot Nonono, but Yome... well, I didn't like the story (the art didn't call my attention too).

    Well, thanks for the releases. :P

  8. Thank you I really enjoy these manga’s and looking for more Usotsuki Lily and Reversible releases