Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Wild Trap Appeared!

Here are the last of the Waai one-shots. The first, Tutor Maid by Yuki Ameto, is actually from the previous issue from late last year, and was just really slow in its release. It's about Yuuki Narusawa, a college student looking for a tutoring job. He runs into Ryou Misaki, who is in search of a tutor who looks good in a maid uniform.

The second one-shot, from the latest Waai issue, is Boku to Boku by Futago Minazuki. Junichirou Izumi is a trap who is saved from a train molester by Yuuki Kimino, and the two sit down for tea afterwards.

Tutor Maid one-shot: Mediafire
Boku to Boku one-shot: Mediafire


  1. *cough* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I love you guys!

  2. Those two one shots were just to funny lol lol

  3. I remember seeing the one shot Tin TIn in last waai issue, is hachimatsu planning to do that one shot or is it to pg13 and over for hachimatsu

    1. The only things we don't work on are straight up H material. The one-shot itself wasn't that interesting, but we may get around to that one eventually. It's not on our list of priorities at the moment.

  4. Thank you so much! These both really made me laugh ^_^

  5. Boku to Boku was very good! I hope for a continuation!

    Thanks a lot for the releases!

  6. Thank you so much for these awesome one-shots ^,^.

  7. ughh i dont care thats a boy or girl because i like lol :D