Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming Out of the Closet

This is the last release from the latest issue of Waai, a one-shot titled Oshiire kara Ai o Komete by Ayame Nagi. Haruka is a guy with a mischievous zashiki warashi trap named Shiki living in his closet. One day, Haruka unknowingly brings home a poverty god named Tsuyu. It's rather short at 14 pages. Come back in September for more releases from Waai, including Reversible, Past Future, Trap Days and more.

Oshiire kara Ai o Komete one-shot: Mediafire


  1. Aww that was cute! Thanks!

  2. Yes! Long awaited Waai! Millions of thank!

  3. Thank you, this was a nice one-shot, I like it very much thanks again ^,~

  4. thanks for the chapter.

    i have a question

    how do you put in english "男の娘(otoko no ko)"?