Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mission: Love Ninja

So here's chapter 28 of Love Allergen, with only two chapters left. Stay tuned for the conclusion, but we'll be doing one more Usotsuki Lily chapter before we finish it up.

There's also been some comments about the status of Shounen Oujo. I know we originally said volume 2 would be out in June or July, but that was only a guess. The volume comes out on August 22, but we won't have it until September at the earliest, so it'll still be a little while until then.

Love Allergen ch. 28: Mediafire


  1. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. Grr, wonder when the next Waai! is, so I can get my fill of Past Future...

  3. Thanks a lot for the release!!!

    This was an awesome cliffhanger! =/