Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Public Morals are Trap Morals

We've been putting this off for a while. This is the first chapter of Himegoto+, a spin-off of Himegoto featuring Hime's younger brother Kaguya as the main character. The color image at the top was posted on Pixiv, and the five color images are included with the first chapter. This is from Waai's sister magazine Waai Mahalo which is already in its second issue. While we can't do many of the series from Mahalo because of all the series we're already doing, we'll try to do a few, but more on that at some later date. There are two more chapters of Himegoto+ on the way.

And regarding the translation of the Otosuki stories, we do not have the resources or the time to translate them all, so we will not be able to work on them. It's not just those; there are many projects we'd love to do, but we have to prioritize things lest we take on too much, get burned out and die a la Wow/14BiQ.

Himegoto+ ch. 1: Mediafire


  1. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we appreciate all of your hard work and the amazing releases you provide us.

  2. this group work is amaizing its got quality and speed furthermore its varies and all of em is good work
    (im fans of traps and love comedy so this group project always go to my HDD everytime) :p

  3. That is some good spin-off story.
    I believe I and the rest of fans can enjoy this.

    Thank you as always for your quick release!

  4. Thank you so much, you guys are quick has usual and the manga's you pick are always awesome.

  5. Thank you very much for this translation. It's certainly a school full of surprises!

  6. Wait, Kaguya is a guy's name?

    1. That is odd tt me as well. Kaguya means 'Moon Princess'. It is supposed to be exclusice to girls, unlike names as Kaoru, which is used for both genders but means 'fragrance'.

    2. Kaguya isn't really "Moon Princess". Tsukihime means Moon Princess. Kaguya is the Moon Princess's name. I think it's the way Japanese kanji can mean different things. It could be kanjis that means Kaguya while read a certain way and people uses it because he acts like a girl.

      Guess we'll go with that.

    3. That's kind of the joke. Hime or Kaguya are girl's names, and in the manga, they're both written in hiragana. I assume it's also a play on Princess Kaguya (Kaguya-hime) from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

  7. Thanks a lot for the release, this was funny. xD

  8. Yuki: "Hoooooot~"
    With the dripping sweat making his hair stick to his cheeks, Yuki-kun went down the hallway surrounded by a sauna-like heat.
    Yuki: "Really... Really, having the AC break on this day."
    On this day, which the weather forecast on the news called "the hottest day this summer", the AC, which had been running ever since "Cherry Girls" opened for the summer, suddenly broke down. Yuki-kun cursed the raging heat that invaded the shop and the brothers' home.
    Yuki: "S... somewhere cool..."
    The brothers were alternating taking breaks due to the excessive heat. But, was there anywhere where they could avoid the heat?
    Yuki: "---Mmm"
    Yuki felt a refreshing breeze against his cheek. It came from the slightly ajar living room door.
    "The breeze... came from here."
    Allured by the breeze, he opened the living room door and---
    Nao: "Y, Yuki!?"
    Yuki: "Nao-Nii--- Wait, why are you undressing!?"

    ...If there's someone out there who's willing to do all the hard work of setting up a website and proofreading/editing/formating and all that stuff, I can translate the Otosuki stories. Or at least attempt to translate them. My Japanese might not be great, but it's better than no translation, right?

  9. just passing by to say thanks, great work =)