Thursday, August 2, 2012

Slurp Slurp!

One day later, here's chapter nine of Otosuki. The chapters are all relatively short, hence the quick release.

Otosuki ch. 9: Mediafire


  1. Thanks again ^,^

  2. Teacher is a fag

  3. I just realized that, at this rate, the one chapter that I really wanted to read probably isn't in this volume. So I'll never get to see what happened. How disheartening...

  4. THANK YOU FOR THE RELEASE! You guys are working at the speed of light!
    And Anon from 8/3 6:22-don't complain! These guys are already working their asses off to release the chapters in an orderly fashion and they're HQ! Be grateful and bow down to their trap greatness!
    Sorry, but those type of ungrateful readers are just DISHEARTENING D: sometimes people don't realize how much work scanlators do just to release chapters in light speed.

    God bless yall.