Thursday, January 17, 2013

Traps and Sports Go Hand-in-Hand!

Here are two more one-shots from Waai Mahalo in our collaboration with Deus Ex Scans. The first is Kiratto! Yell (Sparkle! Yell) by Airi Mori, the same author as Omaera Minna Damasareteiru. Yuuto enters his all-boy junior-high with the hope of joining a manly cheering squad, but is surprised to find all the boys in the club dressed as girls.

The second is Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou? (The Proper Method to Capture an Ace?) by Mitohi Matsumoto. Hiroto Fujiki is the ace on his high school baseball team. He takes an interest in one of his groupies, only to find out that "she" is not who "she" appears to be. This one has a strong BL theme.

Kiratto! Yell one-shot: Gett, Dropbox
Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou one-shot: Gett, Dropbox


  1. I'll admit, I had a slight daww moment at the end of the second one.


  2. That second one was awesome :3

  3. Finally a trap actually gets the guy he's after. Im sick of the guys going "ITS A GUY SO IT'S NOT OK".