Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Are the Flame to my Heart!

Here's the bonus content from the end of Usotsuki Lily volume 9, which contains a short one-shot and then a lot of other stuff. Thus concludes our 10th completed volume of Usotsuki Lily, and only a few days before volume 10 comes out too. But we won't have it until next month, so Usolily will be on hiatus until at least late February. That should also be around the time we restart Bokura no Hentai and when the next volume of Waai comes out. The next volume of Kuragehime will probably be out in March.

Also, as mentioned at the end of the volume, Ayumi Komura recently started a 4-koma spin-off/alternate story of Usolily last October called Boy's Lily, which has En as a normal guy dating Hinata who always dresses as a guy. Thing is, it's being serialized in a bimonthly magazine, so chances are we won't be scanlating it until sometime in 2014 at the earliest when the first volume comes out. So I guess it's something to look forward to someday. By then, Usolily should be around volume 15, and who knows, maybe even an anime will at least be announced too. Reportedly, there are over 1.6 million copies of Usolily volumes in circulation, so it's not for lack of popularity.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 58.5: Gett, Dropbox


  1. The One shot was awesome! T_T

    Thanks a lot for the release!

  2. Very cool, thanks a lot! also looking forward to Bokura no Hentai!!

  3. Woah, so many cool news! Loved to know there's an alternate story of Uso-Lily xD Hope you guys can pick it up, and that we have an anime too! It would be hilarious *O*
    Oh, and thank you very much for the release! Gonna read~

  4. Thanks for your hard work. It would be awesome that you guys get to translate Boy's lily later on, the wait would be worth it for the quality you put into your work. Thanks again.

  5. Very exciting news about Boy's Lily. Sounds funny! Thank you for all your time and effort into scanalating and translation.I look forward to seeing your releases. Everytime I see a new release I smile, but please don't work too hard! Take a break and have a rest! You work so so hard! Thank you!

  6. Thanks so much for completing vol 9 of UsoLily guys!
    I'm pretty excited for the spin-off, Boy's Lily as well.
    I'll see you guys again in Feb-March for more UsoLily & Kuragehime awesomeness <3 much appreciated guys! keep up the fabulous job (:

  7. Ohhh yeah, Boy's Lily. I SO WANT!!! xD

    Thank you so much for the awesome releases!~