Saturday, March 30, 2013

Never Let Go of Your Dreams!

All right, after a few days of hard work, the end of Usotsuki Lily volume 10 is finished. Most of the bonus content is a cute 30 page side story about Komachi's parents, followed by the author's usual overly wordy afterword.

Since we started the volume earlier this month, two more chapters have been published in Margaret, so it's currently up to chapter 79, which will be halfway through the future 13th volume, set to come out in October, so there's quite a long wait between the magazine and us, but this is better than it used to be since they started releasing a volume every 3 months instead of every 4 which they did for volumes 1-7.

As the preview states at the end of the volume, volume 11 will be out in April, specifically the 25th, so about a month from now. Currently, the only other volume coming out in April of a manga we scanlate is Gisou Honey Trap v02 (April 12)

So, because we try to coordinate our releases to save money, and due to the release schedule of future volumes of the other manga we scanlate, we can give a rough time of when we will be working on these manga:

Kuragehime v11 - April (this at least is definite; we'll be restarting Kuragehime very soon)
Gisou Honey Trap v02 - May
Usotsuki Lily v11 - June
Bokura no Hentai v03 - July
Shounen Oujo v03 - August

Again, these are merely tentative, and it's rather hard to predict with accuracy what will be happening four or more months into the future, but this gives you a rough idea of the order in which we'll be working on things at least. And of course, Waai and Mahalo will be churning out issues during this time, in addition to Oto Nyan which Sensei Anone is serialized in. Regarding chapter 9 of Sensei, we don't know what's holding it up but it will hopefully be out soon. And lastly, a new Josou Shounen volume has yet to be announced.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 64.5: Gett, Dropbox


  1. Thanks for your hard work!
    A really good pace!
    Keep it up~

  2. Really looking forward to Kuragehime! I wish it updated as quickly as Usotsuki Lilly but I guess it's nice for you guys that it doesn't lol
    It's great that Bokura no Hentai won't take too long either. Mangaka are really amazing being able to draw so much in such short timeframes though.
    Thankyou all for your hard work! And for giving us a tentative timeframe so we can all stop wondering :) You guys are great.

  3. Sensei anone 9 will be out this weekend, my right eye has been injured so I have only been able to edit one release at a time very slowly, I have been working on our back log releases since chapter 9 is the current chapter, I was attempting to push it back a bit so you wouldnt have to wait so long for the next chapter, but if you want to chapter Ill edit it this weekend, sorry for making everyone wait, I have no been in the best of health in terms of my eye

    1. Make sure you take care of yourself! Your health comes first after all :)

  4. very awesome, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  5. Thanks for all your hard work on Usotsuki Lily! I can't wait to read the next volume in June, and Kuragehime next month.

  6. Thanks so much for the hardwork on vol. 10 of UsoLily guys! looking foward to more Kuragehime soon~! yaay *o*

  7. You guys are amazing! Take your time! I really appreciate all that you do!