Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh the Benefits of Being Friends!

As always, we are starting off our quarterly Waai releases with Reversible, and this time we have chapter 12. Enjoy!

Reversible ch. 12: Gett, Dropbox


  1. Thank you I am always looking forward to your releases.

  2. Oh awesome, glad to see another chapter of this one, it's really very good, thanks a lot!!

  3. I love **** (censored)
    that wrong why is this artist name "Dicca" ?

  4. you'll understand were this is going if you read his other one-shot "Bait and Attack"
    but all his other doujins are *cough* male-oriented yaoi
    (no not gay at all XD)

  5. After his dropped a bridge on him now its this ??
    this manga is really something
    its the only manga that makes me reread past chapters so i can understand what complicated feelings the protags have
    but the last page is really XD
    well he managed to capture that moment when you feel something that you yourself don't understand XD
    humans are such mysterious creatures