Monday, July 8, 2013

1 Pitcher + 2 Balls = ?

Today we and Deus Ex Scans have for you the third and final one-shot from the Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou series by Mitohi Matsumoto. While the first two one-shots were published in Waai! Mahalo, this one came in the Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou volume released just a couple weeks ago. However, despite the title of the volume, there are only three Tadashii Ace chapters. The other content contains other one-shots by Matsumoto, one of which, Hypnotism Trick, we already released last February, since it came in Josou Shounen v14, Watermelon Group. So there's still a couple more new one-shots left to do.

Tadashii Ace no Kouryakuhou one-shot 3: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Oh no! No more Tadashii Ace?
    Thank you for the release.

  2. Thanks for the release!

    Frowers? Engrish strikes again, lol!

  3. Thank you so much ^_^

  4. By that !So there's still a couple more new one-shots left to do" did you mean that you would translated the whole volume?

    1. Yes, we'll be doing the rest of the volume.

  5. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this . i will be praying everyday for it to be a series O/ . GO GO TRAPS