Thursday, July 18, 2013

By the Light of the Moon!

Well, we took a few days off, but we're back with Seitokai Satellite! by Kazusa Yoneda from Josou Shounen v02 Peach Group. Nobuyuki's childhood friend Yuu Takahama is the student council president at their school, and Yuu asks Nobuyuki to stay with him at school when he has to finish up some paperwork for the student council.

The next issue of Waai Mahalo will be out in a week, so that means more Himegoto+, Hikaru to Hikari, Boku wa Senpai ni Josou o Shiirareteimasu, and more. And Kuragehime v12 recently came out, so we'll be starting that up again in late August or early September. There's also Bokura no Hentai v03 we'll be doing soon.

Also, the third volume of Shounen Oujo comes out next month, and we'll be working on it as soon as we can. All we can say is, please be patient.

Seitokai Satellite! one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. I'm a little bit sad that nothing happened, but it was very cute nonetheless!

    1. Well Yuu did reveal that the reason he crossdresses and became the student council president is because he wanted to become the type of girl Nobuyuki likes. So that coupled with how Nobuyuki has been acting implies that something will eventually happen between them in the future! :)

  2. Wow, I feel like I read this YEARS ago...

    >Josou Shounen v02 Peach Group

    OH. That explains everything.

  3. Thank you so much.

  4. Yay, looking forward to Kuragehime! Thanks so much for the hardwork guys~! <3

  5. I finally learned how to post blogspot comments without them vanishing every time! (The allowing of third-party cookies.)

    This website has been a source of great joy for me for a long time. Both yaoi and other standard romance manga are of negligible interest to me, but somehow 男の娘 are wonderful!

    For what it is worth, please be careful with last-pass English sanity ('quality'?) checks. In this chapter, noted "I have no chocie" in page 07 and "You're face is all red" (= "You are face is all red") in page 11.

  6. Adorable trap! Pretty and clean art!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! I just love your group so much <3 <3 You bring so much happiness in my lame life :D

  7. Shounen Oujo is still coming??i thoughtt it was dead! Great news.