Wednesday, January 29, 2014

To Love and to Cherish!

Finally, after a lot of work, here's the last quarter of volume 13 of Usotsuki Lily! Included are two bonus chapters and the author's usual long afterword. The first bonus chapter has to do with how Hinata's parents met, and the second has to do with Rawr and Muff. Also, after you're done reading the bonus content, you may want to look into the Izumi crane migration.

So, thus ends our 14th volume of Usotsuki Lily. Looking back on all we've done for this series is almost surreal. If you look back at the end of volume 4 (chapter 27, page 33), one of the readers told Ayumi Komura to get Usolily to over 12 volumes, and I'll tell you, at the time we were doing that volume about 2 and a half years ago, it didn't seem like Usolily would get that far at all. This is also reminiscent of the end of volume 9 (chapter 58.5, page 29) where a reader said that if it gets to over 20 volumes, there'll be an anime. By about March, there will be enough chapters to fill up through volume 16, and with no real end in sight, it would not be surprising at all if this series really did get to 20 volumes or more in the end. Hopefully you'll stick around long enough to see. We know we will.

Regarding volume 14, which came out last week, there are a few other projects that have been waiting in our backlog that we would like to focus on first, but it won't be too long before we start on the volume. Maybe next month, but if not, definitely sometime in March. Usotsuki Lily is just about to celebrate its 100th chapter next month on February 20th, so there are still many more chapters and volumes to come.

Usotsuki Lily ch. 84.5: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. In my opinion it's not really that surprising that it's gone on for so long. The author herself just flat out admits it's a gag manga. Like back in volume 6 on page 7 of chapter 36 when En and Hinata are talking about being second years again they say "This is all the more a gag manga isn't it?...". Gag manga can go on and on for many years without any end in sight. So I wouldn't even be surprised if Usotsuki Lily one day reaches over 30 volumes.

  2. Let's enjoy it while the ride last.
    Thanks for your swifty work as always.

  3. Well, I won't be sad at all if it gets a looot of volumes, so... I'm happy you guys intend on sticking with it until the end <3 Thank you so much!

  4. Not necessarily. If she runs out of ideas (and seeing as she's repeated ideas several times, it's likely this could happen soon) she could end it at a moment's notice. It's an episodic series, so it's not like it'd be obvious when it were to end. As for getting an anime... I'm kind of surprised it hasn't given it seems to be very popular as well as having gotten a VOMIC. Well, perhaps she wants to wait until it's completed so it doesn't become a KareKano situation where only half the story gets an adaption and the rest just sits in limbo... or a shounen anime situation including fillers (lol, fillers in a gag anime) and slow pacing to stretch it out. Then again, Skip Beat, a ridiculously popular series, took a REALLY long time to get an anime adaption and it only covered a short portion of the manga and then had an original ending. So... I have no idea what's up with the anime industry lately, lol =a=

  5. Oh, yeah. What was up with that comment about Ten being a tempting bottom from a letter and Komura acting all surprised as if she'd never considered it? Uhh... he was always being a tempting bottom. Did anyone ever seriously see Ten as a top?