Thursday, June 19, 2014

Be Honest with Yourself!

Here comes a couple Josou Shounen one-shots published 10 volumes apart. The first, from v11 Grape Group, is Muteikou Heroine by Shuusai Rikudou, the author of two previous Josou Shounen one-shots: Henai! and Nayameru Otoko no Ko. Muteikou Heroine is about Amane Nakatatsu, a first-year in junior high who enjoys cross-dressing. Amane is constantly approached by the intimidating Kyouya Samejima from another class, leading to them to fight on the school roof.

The second one-shot is Naisho no Omajinai by Touko Mizuki from v01 White Group, and this is one of the shorter ones. Tsukasa is constantly forced by his five-year-older cousin Momoka to dress as a girl. Disgrunted, Tsukasa wants Momoka to see him as a boy.

Muteikou Heroine one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox
Naisho no Omajinai one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Kind of OT, but this says Himegoto will be serialized in Febri starting tomorrow with volume 23.
    Google Translate is kinda crappy, but does it mention that the REX serialization is continuing?


      Forgot the link.

  2. Yeah!! More Josou!! *W* Thanks guys~

  3. Thanks. These are kinda cute, but the best one you guys haven't translated are "Ganbare! Danshi Daihyou" and "Josou Kyou Iku!"
    Hope you guys translated these as well.
    Again, thanks for the one-shots

  4. I'm always following this blog and reading your releases, and I just now realized I never thanked you for them.

    So here it is: thank you, I'm really enjoying reading the manga you translate :)

  5. Thank you so much I loved the first one the most, but are good.

  6. I love both stories they were cute. Expect that one was kind of sad at the end why didn't she just married the boy she like screw whatever her parents said. I would gone with person i really really was in love with