Sunday, June 22, 2014

Go for the Goal!

Here are two Josou Shounen one-shots by Nariyuki Hazumi, the author of Doppel! and Okaken!! that we released way back in 2011 shortly after we started doing the Josou Shounen series. The two from today were the first two Hazumi did for the series, with another three yet to come.

The first is Ganbare! Danshi Daihyou from v05 Red Group. Shuuto wanted to play soccer in high school, but he ends up as the manager of the girl's soccer team when he discovers his new school doesn't have a boy's soccer team. When no one's looking, he puts on one of the team uniforms. What better time to read a one-shot about soccer than during the World Cup? Also, to the Anonymous who mentioned this one-shot last time, are you psychic or something? We were already working on it when you posted that comment.

The second is Ano Ko no Risou from v04 Blue Group. Keito has a crush on Miharu, a regular customer of his hairdresser older sister. Keito wants to change his image to better suit Miharu's tastes, something his sister is more than happy to help him with.

And regarding the news about Himegoto, another serialization has begun in Ichijinsha's Febri magazine as of two days ago. We are going to be working on it from the magazine, so we'll be doing it at the start of July, along with the Comic Rex version which will still be ongoing. The only difference with the Febri version is that it's a bimonthly, so every other month there will be an extra Himegoto chapter.

In other news, volume 6 of Bokura no Hentai will actually be released in August (instead of July, which we had thought), so it'll be a while before we get a chance to work on it. Kuragehime v14 will still hopefully be coming out in September.

Ganbare! Danshi Daihyou one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox
Ano Ko no Risou one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Wahoo! More Josou Shounen! Thank ya!

    I really don't get the popularity with Himegoto, but, eh, hopefully it'll spread the trap love.

  2. Himegoto is awesome that's why :D

    These two release where awesome. Loved that little twist at the end of Ano Ko no Risou.

  3. Yes. Thank you! I was the one who mentioned Ganbare! Don't know why, but i really like this one shot. Maybe it's because Football is the most popular sport in the world. And about the Cup, i have tickets for Germany X USA.
    Thanks for translating.
    And the other one it's good too.

  4. final some trap x girl/trap action i wish getting tried of trap x normal guy. Trap x Girl/trap is much cuter then another else