Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You Are Who You Are!

And here are another two one-shots from Josou Shounen v17 Princess Apple Group. The first is Ojou-sama wa Otoko no Ko chapter 2, the last of the continuations from the volume.

The second is Josou no Hajimari (The Start of Cross-dressing) by Tokumaro. Mata is in the art club and he asks his friend Kondou to model for him because he heard he has some experience modeling. However, when Kondou shows up cross-dressing, he reveals that he has experience modeling as a crossplayer.

Next up, the long awaited start of the 17th and final volume of Usotsuki Lily!

Ojou-sama wa Otoko no Ko ch. 2: Mediafire, Dropbox
Josou no Hajimari one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Thank you! And I can't wait for volume 17 of Usotsuki Lily!

  2. These were great. The second story was especially amusing. Thanks!

  3. Hi hachimitsu scans! thanks for your good work. When is the next volume of josou shounen coming out? There doesnt seem to be a release schedule for the magazine

    1. The Josou Shounen anthologies were released in volumes; it wasn't a magazine. And the last volume, #17, came out about a year ago, so it's likely that was the last one for good.

    2. I see... that is a shame. But also weird there aren't any official word on these things. Keep up the good work!

      Thanks for taking the time out to reply to a message left on such an old post!